UofM Dearborn worth it?

I received the Chancellors Scholarship for full-tuition coverage annually.
I was also accepted to UofM AA, MSU, MTU, LTU, and Wayne State.
I am majoring in Mechanical Engineering.
I might like to work out-of-state at a more well-known company.
Is it worth attending UofM Dearborn because of it’s lost cost?

It’s a solid school, and is located minutes from many automotive industry facilities. If you want a good education & a job after you graduate, it will give you those. If you want football games & a huge campus, then MSU or Ann Arbor will be more to your liking.

Engineering at UMichigan is world class. If you can afford to attend without debt (or just the federal loan) that’s what I’d pick.
UM Dearborn is solid but it’s mostly commuter and its reputation is regional. Quality of life and peers would be very different.
If cost is an issue, I’m guessing that if you got a full tuition scholarship at UM-D you got a scholarship at MSU too, which would be a good compromise in terms of national reputation and residential life.