UofM transfer from Community College

Hey everyone!

So I just wanted to see if anyone could chance me so I could have a better idea if I am wasting my time trying to get into UofM from community college. I plan on applying to the CoE if anything. Along with this any advice on improving the chances of community college transfers would be greatly appreciated!

My stats:
-class of 2019 HS
-currently in my 3rd semester of college (Fall winter and summer, all full time so far)
-bad high school grades, probably around 2.7 GPA

  • 1180 SAT
    -practically no extracurriculars that are outstanding
    -got a 5 on the IB chem HL test
  • got 9th place in an american chemical society scholarship competition which was the highest score in my school
    -member of Phi Theta Kappa honors society
    -4.0 in community college, I took calculus 1 though 3, differential equations/linear algebra (mixed course), two semesters of organic chemistry, and by next year I will have completed two semesters of calculus based physics along with two semesters of C++ programming and two semesters of C# programming. I am going to try to study more math in my free time if possible this next year.
    -I am confident that I could right really compelling statements for the admissions process

That is basically it. I really lack in terms of things outside of school, however I still have an entire year to do something if I can figure out something to do that would improve my chances.

Some days I think I have a shot whilst others it seems hopeless. Reading about some of the other people who are “stressed” about getting rejected is extremely concerning because they have 1540 SAT scores with perfect GPA’s along with tons of volunteering and stuff.

So, does it seem like I have a good shot? Or should I focus my efforts on a different university?

(PS sorry in advance if posts like this are annoying)

Talk to the transfer department. Coming in after sophomore year and having 54 credits should wipe out your high school years. Otherwise they are considered. Also lots of math and science don’t come over. Check it out here https://www.engin.umich.edu/admissions/undergrad/transfer-students/

Check the equivalency page about your current class’s and make a transfer appointment now. Tuesdays they have transfer Tuesdays but you can get help any day. Have your transcripts ready to send them so they can help you out. Keep doing what your doing.

That depends on whether you’re from Michigan. If you’re not, then it’s not worth paying the tuition. If you are, a 4.0 gives you an excellent chance. Transfer students always have an advantage, because you already have an established track record. That’s why HS students are always sucking-up with volunteer work.

Are you in state for Michigan? I have seen a few posters with lots of financial need that were able to get great financial aid (need based) even as oos transfers. I believe their oos need based aid is not guaranteed the way that it is for in state students.

If you get into Michigan be sure to understand how your credits transfer in. Will you just get general credit for the Math, etc. you’ve taken or will they accept those classes as meeting the pre-requisites for upper level coursework?

Case Western offers merit based aid for Phi Theta Kappa transfer students and is a school that meets need for transfer students. They have become very good at working with students to count as many credits as possible to move students to degree completion.

yes i am from Michigan, so I am glad to hear that it will improve my chances. Also are you aware of anything that I could do to improve my chances that isn’t superficial (like volunteering)? I may have some extra free time this next year and I don’t want to waste it if I could be out making an actual change in the world/ improving my chances. I wanted to create some free math tutoring service, however with the corona virus I feel like that isn’t going to happen. Another thing I thought of was creating some sort of local robotics team or something that could help the community get an introduction to that sort of thing…

I don’t really know what helps, I have never tried to get into a university before, but I would rather do something more personal rather than just do the classic volunteering.

You can do tutoring online. Many tutors to this before covid.