UofSC Honors College and Top Scholars Class of 2025

December Honors College Acceptances are out and historically Top Scholars invites will be coming this week. Feel free to comment if you or your child has been accepted to Honors in December or still waiting and his/her testing/GPA/AP data you would like to include. When Top Scholar notifications come out - please post here as well! Thanks - Spurs Up!

My daughter was accepted to Honors College on December 23. The notification came via email notifying her of an update to her portal. There was a second decision letter on her portal telling her of her acceptance to the Honors College.

She is OOS (IL)
submitted her ACT score (33)
10AP (11 AP tests), 1 DE plus honors courses as well


My daughter is also accepted to Honors College in December and hoping for Top Scholars award to help reduce cost since we are OOS.

Last year, the Top Scholars notification came on on Jan 17th, which is on Friday. My guess is it will come out on Jan 15th this year.

Good luck to all !!!

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My daughter was accepted to Honors College in December. She was notified via email as well.

She is OOS (MD)
submitted her ACT score (36)
IB program and strong EC

Sounds like this Friday from all the comments I read. Good luck to all


My D. has similar stats and we are from MD also. We are hoping for the good news but don’t want set the expectation high since I’m sure they evaluate more than grades and test scores.

Good luck to your daughter !!!

DS was accepted into Honors December 23. OOS IL. 4.0 uw/4.99 weighted. Valedictorian. 800math/710ebrw. 14 AP(5s-7,4s-2,tbd-5) Drumline Captain, Varsity wrestler, hospital volunteer during pandemic. Interested in premed.


Congrats and very impressed by the well-roundedness! S21 on this end also accepted into Honors in mid December. OOS (Va.). 4.0 UW/4.7 W. Exactly the same 800 math/710 verbal. Definitely fewer APs though. Varsity/travel baseball athlete and a decent but not super # of ECs; biomedical engineering intended major.

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D21 was also accepted in December in Honors, 4.8 Wtd, 34 ACT, 11 APs, 6 college courses, 4-year varsity tennis and captain Sr year, Key Club, SADD, etc. Also Biomedical engineering! If they all end up attending here, they may end up knowing each other! (3rdinf and PepsiCola21)

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Congrats to her! I’m definitely excited about the prospect of S21 getting to know other fun, smart, talented, and well-rounded kids from all over, in the HC (confirmed by another thread on CC). That’s why he applied to mostly bigger schools where he could get a selective group of students as peers in certain avenues but also have the larger campus and all of the related perks.

Exactly the same things my D21 was looking for!

Can I ask where else she has applied? My S21 applied to seven schools: USC (+ HC), Tennessee, Clemson (+ HC), Texas A&M, VCU, UVa, and Vanderbilt. Accepted at the first five, still waiting on decisions at UVa (early action) and Vanderbilt (regular).

USC(+HC), Clemson (+HC), U Dayton(+HC), Miami U of Ohio (+HC), Georgia Tech (+HC), NC State, Ohio State, Purdue, Johns Hopkins, Wash U in St Louis, and Vanderbilt! Accepted to first 4, waiting on the others. (I think that list is right…I have twin D21’s with very similar stats and interests, and some overlap in schools applied to although no interest in attending the same school! I guess as identical twins, they are ready to have some separation and their own identity!)

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Oh, and her twin got into USC Honors as well, but isn’t interested in going there now.

Pretty nervous. Was accepted into Honors College in December and I am waiting for Top Scholar decisions.

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I have identical twin DSs. One is pursuing BA/MD programs; the other, F35s (He is 3Q plus Noms for USNA and USMA with a LOA from USAFA plus an NROTC scholarship for Cornell.) One has the higher GPA (He’s the VAL while his brother is the SAL); the other has the higher SAT (Both scored 800 on the math) . They too are choosing separate paths after a lifetime together.

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Any chance invites will be sent out today?

Well it is confirmed that last year was the 17th so it can be anytime this week.

In the portal the timeline says the notification for Top Scholars is “late January.” It would be great to know tomorrow but I’m not getting my hopes up.

Anyone hear anything yet today?
My DS was admitted in HC mid-Dec. We are in-state. Similiar stats-35 ACT, 5.01 WGPA, 44 DE credits, 700+ volunteer hours, varsity lax, varsity golf, Pres of Gavel Club, blah blah blah

Sure is an exciting time!

Nothing here yet, I was also admitted to HC in December

Nothing here either.