UofSC Letters of Recommendation: General App vs Honors College App

What do you do if you have two letters of recommendation being written for you?

The general application says 0 LOR’s required, 2 optional

The honors application requires 2 LOR’s.

Should you send 0 letters with the general app and use the two letters for the Honors App?

Should you send both letters with both applications (assuming they will be read by different people)?

Should you get two more letters (for a total of 4) and send different letters to each (seems kind of excessive to me)?

@3kids2dogs I was actually wondering about this as well. And, do you mind telling me if you received an invitation to the HC application or did you just find it online? I’m a little confused about the process for that. My D is wanting to apply and from what the USC website says, the HC application will become available once the general application has been submitted. However, she submitted her application weeks ago and hasn’t received any notification about the HC application. I looked at the website again yesterday and it said the HC application would be available Sept. 1. It’s now Sept. 2 and I still can’t find it anywhere. Am I missing something? It’s so confusing. Just want her to be able to submit it within a timely manner.

My daughter hasn’t submitted her general application yet, so I’m not sure about that! It’s not due until November 15th, so there’s definitely plenty of time.

My daughter emailed the local admissions representative and she said to choose option A - 0 recommendations with the general app and 2 with Honors.

Wondering also if you should get the invitation to apply… that is what we had heard also & son submitted application and thought he would be eligible.

My daughter received an email with invitation to apply to honors (I think about a week after she submitted her regular app). There was a personal statement and 2 additional 500-1000 word essay. One about intellectual curiosity and one about actions taken outside of the classroom (or something like that) and a resume (but I think that is optional). I feel like optional means do it though :slight_smile: