UofSC Nursing - Thoughts, Experiences, etc.

I am a senior and have been accepted to USC for nursing. It is in my top 3 choices for schools and I am having a really hard time choosing where to go. Therefore I wanted to start a thread so that anyone can help me out in any way! Anything would help. If you are a USC nursing alum, your child is an alum, etc., literally anything. Thank you all in advance!

The nursing school at USC is very good and for the past three years they have had an NCLEX pass rate of 100% (NCLEX is the career exam you need to become a Registered Nurse).

At USC there is an upper-division and a lower-division nursing program. As a freshman, you will be in lower-division completing core classes and entry level nursing classes and you will apply to upper-division during your sophomore year. Admission to upper-division is competitive so not every lower-division student gets a spot.

You will then do clinicals at hospitals in Columbia while taking classes on campus. Columbia is awesome because we have a ton of hospitals for our nurses to work at. In these clinicals, you will see what it’s like to be a nurse and you will learn from actual practicing nurses.

Nursing is a very difficult program at USC but very rewarding. The college prepares students to be successful. All of my friends who graduate usually have jobs lined up before graduating and get to work in the market of their choice (For example: Chicago, Charlotte, and Nashville).

I was talking with a parent of a nursing student recently. He told me his daughter had just gotten in to the “upper” school but they only take top 200 and it’s strictly based on GPA. I asked what does a student do if they don’t get in he said Either transfer or change their major .

We know of several kids this year that did not get admitted into the upper division nursing. I have a HS junior (who is not the strongest student) and am looking for direct admit programs where she’s already “in” and will stay in as long as she keeps decent grades. Getting into Upper Divison at USC is very competitive and a lot of kids have to leave when they don’t get in. If you’ve always been a strong student and USC fits you otherwise, I’d say go for it! (my daughter there does have several friends that did get in as well…)

Any idea how many apply vs how many get in?

Do you know how many apply? Meaning, how many “pre-nursing” applicants are trying to get in to the upper school? Thanks.

This is what I’m afraid of. My D was not accepted to any direct admit programs (she only applied to 2, was accept to UTK but not for nursing and was waitlisted at Clemson). So she is choosing between non-direct programs. We may have to call SC and ask how many apply to the upper school vs how many are accepted. Hoping they are transparent with those numbers. Other schools have been.

I will ask a friend of mine who’s son just got in and see if she knows

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@jgwolf thank you!

So I did get an answer . My friend said there were about 400 and they took around 200 and she said a 3.7 will get you in . But I don’t know if that’s average or like a guarantee but it gives you an idea . If your daughter is interested you know another girl that his already in the program this year and maybe she would be willing to answer an email let me know and I can see if I can get her email