UofT Class of 2025 Decisions

Anybody receive decision for UTSG Computer Science? Got admitted to UTM CS but havent received decision for UTSG CS yet

Got into arts and science yayyy (appied on 11/14, international applicants)

Son admitted from USA to A&S on 12/16. Applied by the November 7 suggested deadline. 3.83 GPA, no SATs.

Which country are you from?

Anybody receive decision for UTSG Computer Science?

Just received 50,000 CAD scholarship!!!

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Really! Congratulations! What major did u apply to and do you mind sharing your stats?

Humanities; IB Predicted 37/42, 39/45. My course is pretty rigorous though, I’m a Chinese first language but I took English first language and French as 2nd language:)) They don’t care about your ECs… lol…My friend with almost full ib score predicted got 92500.

Congrats! I only got 7,500 CAD scholarship. I’m international(from China). Are you from China too?

I’m also in Humanities by the way. Which college are you in? I’m in University College.

Did anyone get into Rotman Commerce yet? I finished my ouac before nov 7th and my sup before dec 15th. No decision yet.

When did you get your decision?

I’m also Chinese, Humanities in Vic College :slight_smile:

like last Friday for the scholarship?

My friend did on the 15th Dec, probably they admitted the most competitive first… That’s what I heard

Anyone got their decisions in Jan?

Hi! I have applied to UofT FAS last week but my applicant portal still says ‘awaiting required documents’… although I already uploaded all the documents needed. has anyone had the same problem please?

Heyyy I’m from China :slight_smile:

Same here!!

Anyone got decisions? In Jan