UofT Class of 2025 Decisions

Post your 2025 updates here!

My portal still says “Application Under Review". What about yours? I think the decisions will be coming out in December if you applied in early October.

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@charlottemiao my sister’s says the same thing. Crossing my fingers for a decision before the new years! good luck!

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My twins both applied on 10/30. They both have basically the same stats: One has been accepted and the other is still “under review”!

@robandcyn can decisions be sent out so early? Would you mind sharing the stats? I applied on 11/15 but my application is still “under review.”

Wow I didn’t know the decisions could come out this early. I applied on October 7th but it still says application under review. But I’m international(I’m from China but I’m attending high school in the USA). Are you from Canada? I’m just wondering if uoft sents acceptance letter to the local/domestic students first.

Hi, 2024er here. I submitted everything before deadlines last year around beginning of December, but didn’t hear back until May (St. George). This was my experience last yr and not sure how things work this year, so please take this info lightly. If this helps current applying students, there is no official date for when acceptances come out, and as far as I’m concerned, I think stronger applicants are admitted into their program first. I applied to Rotman last year (3.7uw, 1400 SAT, Canadian) , didn’t get in, and instead was admitted to an alternate program in social sciences which I’m currently completing. If you’re not a strong enough applicant for the program they may not admit you to your chosen program of study, but sometimes to something else you didn’t even apply to. Emailing them to find out your decision date will not help. Most rejection letters got sent out at the end of May. Hope this helps any potential applicants who are just as confused as I was last year!

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I think it’s because they apply to different programs

Congrats, got admitted to UTM Social Sciences. I would not expect it to be out so early:)

D just accepted to Arts and Sciences Life Science Program!

Admitted to UTSG Humanities with membership in University College and UTSC Arts Co-op today (105). Good luck to everyone still waiting for a decision!

got into social sciences in woodsworth college! 36 ACT, 15ish IB/AP classes

Admitted to UTSG Humanities with membership in Victoria College and UTM Social Science!!! Good luck to everyone still waiting for a decision!

DD admitted to A&S, Victoria - Yay - Pressure off. Good luck everyone!

My daughter was admitted to A&S, Victoria yesterday! Does anyone know what the timing of scholarship awards is for international students (we are U.S)? Is it typically in the admission letter or does it come later? Thanks!

Anybody receive decision for UTSG Computer Science? Got admitted to UTM Cs but havent received decision for UTSG

no but did you actually apply for any? We are in the same boat (US residents)… took a look but seemed that most were for in Canada or very program specific so DD did not. Just curious :slight_smile:

Scholarships you mean? A couple of them you don’t apply for, you are automatically considered.

Ok, just curious! Congrats to your daughter!

Got admitted to UTM commerce today, applying from the UK. Still waiting on Roman commerce. Still really happy I got in though😊

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Fingers crossed for both our girls then!

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