UofT Class of 2025 Decisions

There you go: U of T plans for fall semester with most courses and activities offered in person

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Congratulations to all that have been accepted! Have any international students received offers for the commerce program at Mississauga or St. George?

yes. chem eng

Hi yes i am

yes! whats your insta??

Hello! Curious if your daughter has heard back from UBC or McGill yet? Still waiting…

She canceled her app to McGill because she decided she would choose UofT over it, and she got the “wait until April 15th so we can compare you to the rest of the applicants” from UBC this past Friday. She was waisted at UW Seattle where her older sister attends, so right now she is just in a holding pattern. :grimacing:

The Canadian schools have their own way of doing things, don’t they? Have you visited Toronto? We went last feb and my daughter really liked it. I think she is a little concerned about such a large school not having a strong sense of on campus community. She was accepted in university college. How is your daughter feeling about things? We are in seattle, by the way😌

We have not had the chance to visit…I was hoping she would be rejected from them all so it would be a moot point lol. She definitely wants the big city feel, and she is very adaptable and social, so I know she will “find her people” anywhere, so it will just be a waiting game to hear from everyone so we know what choices are on the table. We would love to visit, but since we can’t, she has been researching online and getting into groups on social media. I was hoping she would get straight into UW because I think she would go there, but now that she has had a lot of time to research, Toronto and Vancouver are winning out :grin:

Has anyone received anything regarding the Lester B Pearson scholarship??

Not yet

Same question

Curious if any/many of those heading to U of T don’t yet know what they will major in? My D is interested in languages (Arabic and Korean), linguistics, and studio art. She was accepted into the social sciences but wants to chance to experience different classes. She knows she will go to grad school, but not sure for what. Will UofT be a good place to take that route? I have heard the classes are huge, at least at the start, and students are given minimal support. She is fine at advocating for herself, but some guidance may really help her university experience. Thoughts?

There are a couple of classes that are huge, but no more than popular US universities. U of T is a great place to experience a wide variety of classes and to prepare for grad school.

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Thanks for that! Are you a parent or a student? She selected university college as that seemed like a good fit for her. Coming from seattle as a dual citizen. Have heard the vibe can be intense— kids get weeded out as their programs progress. Is this the case more for the sciences/business than other areas of study? She seems to be more liberal arts focused- languages, linguistics, studio art. Hoping it is easy to get into the art classes without being in the program, when we toured it seemed like she could.

Three of us in my immediate family attended U of T, including me and my son who graduated 3 years ago. Kids weed themselves out of the pre-med track in life sciences, mainly in the first year, but that’s the case all over. You need an insanely high average to get into med school these days. I have not heard that they get weeded out in commerce. DS was a humanities student and had a great time.

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A question - my dd was accepted to Victoria Life Sciences and to Engineering without mention of a college. Would she still be Victoria if she goes into Engineering?

We will ask them too but … curious

nevermind - colleges are just for Faculty of Arts and Science

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when do we hear back from University of Toronto

same question

:frowning: I don’t know if I must keep hoping

all the best to all