UofT Class of 2026 Decisions

Thought to start a new thread here. Has anyone got an offer?

Wondering the same thing ^^ Applied on 11/8 under Arts and Science and my application is still under review.

^^Applied 10/22…Application says under review

I also applied in late October, it says under review. I looked at the class 2025 and class 2024 thread and some of the offers came out in December.

I applied as an International student (Canadian citizen, US high school, but I’ve never actually BEEN to Canada!) on 9/29. It took a while for it to show up on UofTs portal and get all the documents they asked for, but it was all done by mid-November.

Any ideas when we should hear from them?

Same case with me :slight_smile: I believe some students started receiving offers by Mid Dec last year but this doesn’t seem to be the case this year…Hopefully we’ll start getting them by Mid Jan/Early Feb

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No, applied 11/10/21 as ontario applicant and says application under review

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any updates?

It’s too early to see movement after the holidays. A few might see acceptances the last few days of January. A few more in February. The majority of acceptances go out in March. If the college you applied to requires supplements, your acceptance will come later than for people whose college didn’t require a supplement.

I did early consideration for international students and had everything uploaded over a month ago.

Any update? It’s already Mid January. UTM website says offer release time is Mid Jan. To May.

Still stuck on “Application under review” :slightly_frowning_face:

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Athlete on scholarship here. Still waiting. International student. Didn’t do sat either. 3.75 GPA. 4.5 weighted.

My daughter received her acceptance today. International student. 3.93 GPA into Life Sciences and University College - her first choice.


Admitted to UTM today. 3.75unweighted, 4.2 weighted, 34 ACT.

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Sorry, Scarborough campus

I got an offer to Arts and Science (humanities) for Trinity today.

I’m an American-Canadian, I have an unweighted 4.0 (but no honors math or science) and a weighted 4.33, which should probably be a 4.4-4.5 when I graduate. No SAT/ACT Scores, and just two 4’s on APUSH and AP Lang and Comp. I’m taking a college Japanese program this year, 2 AP classes, and 2 honors. No math class my senior year.

Honestly these stats are pretty average, I don’t why I got accepted so early. I think I had some good essay-paragraphs for Trinity though.

with the supplementary application to Trinity, that wasn’t my case at all…

Admitted to UTSG Physical and Mathematical Sciences today!

Accepted international applied for Social Science under New College.
3.9 unweighted and high 1400 SAT score.