UofT Decisions Class of 2024

Since it’s December, I figured UofT decisions would start coming in so I wanted to create a forum for people to share their decisions, stats, and ask questions. I heard that decisions would start coming in the middle of December but I am a bit impatient lol.

I am an international student and have applied to the Faculty of Arts and Science for Studies in Humanities around the middle of October. I have not received a decision as my portal still says Application Received. Let me know if any Humanities applicants have received a decision as well as when you’ve applied.

Which U of T? I know of at least three.

The St. George campus

University of Toronto, sorry I think I just realized that you meant college and not campus.

hi i havent got mine yet but im scared asff how are your stats

i have been nominated by my school for the fall 2020 session i have applied for Ethics law and society as my chosen major(could change to psychology) at the St georges campus
i am an international level debater and SG of my schools MUN i have ranked 13th among 800 debaters internationally when i was in my freshman year.
i have won best delegate multiple times and am immersed into music and dance
i am the lead vocalist in my school choir and band. centre and visual for my schools dance group
actively involved in the above mentioned for all four years of my highschool

my school has predicted me a 95% in my final examinations and my transcripts look great with most As and rare Bs

i am having 5 subjects in school namely Politics, English Comm., Sociology,Psychology and Econ. and im taking private APs (5 of em) namely

AP Psy, AP Macro, AP Micro, AP Bio and AP eng lit.

i wanna know my chances as this the only way i can afford my education in UofT

please let me know your journey and if yall got accepted

Hi guys,
I am an international student and only have a 98 for TOEFL because I only took it once and I did not do so well… I am at the ‘Discretionary Range’ right now and am not sure about my chances of getting in. I have solid grades and am pretty sure it will not be a problem. But since my TOEFL score is below the ‘minimum requirement’ of 100, do you think I will still be admitted or I will most likely get a rejection?:frowning: Thanks! (I got a 27 for writing so that would not be a problem too. It’s just my total score…)

@kevinwongg I don’t think it should be too much of a problem because your score seems to be in the range, but I’m not sure about how seriously Canadian schools take their requirements. Most schools are starting to not focus on grades as much but then again, the OUAC didn’t have any essay options… I say if you can take the test again you should definitely try and maybe that’ll increase your chances. While I researched I couldn’t find much information on UofT acceptance rates, so all I can say is good luck!!!

@NaatashaZaain my stats are nothing compared to yours to be honest. I go to a competitive school but my grades are average. I’m not too sure on what my chances are but you certainly seem to be on the right track.

Hey guys, I’m an international student and I have applied to engineering and Art-Sci ( for Studies in Mathematical and Physical Sciences). I have submitted my OUAC in late October and submitted all of my required documents on the 29th of November. I have applied with my IB predicted grade which is 36, 666 in HL- Math, Physics English ( I think it lowers my chance). However, my overall three-year average is 98% for my national curriculum. @NaatashaZaain, I am also nominated by my school, however, my IB score is a big drawback. My ecs are okay, I guess, and I’m currently working on my essays. Best of luck

Canadian schools are not US schools. U of T is not holistic, for the most part, unless you are applying for engineering or one of the selective colleges. For the Faculty of Arts and Science, it’s completely a numbers game. If your TOEFL (or SAT scores) is below their cutoff, you’re not getting in. Forgive my bluntness, but if you have scores below the cutoff, you should retake the exam. @saturnlooking4unis Your IB scores are fine.

Has anyone received a decision yet?

In the portal, it still says that "application received. " @animallover1212

I was accepted into Arts and Science with Victoria College today! For reference I’m a Canadian citizen living in the US and had a 33 act, 93 avg (3.85 gpa), and 4s and 5s on my AP tests. The activities I listed were marching band, tennis, and internships I had with the Smithsonian. Good luck to everyone!!

I was admitted to the Faculty of Arts & Science for humanities with membership in Trinity College today! I’m a US citizen w/ a 34 ACT, 4.3 wGPA, and 5s and a 4 on my AP tests. If I go, I will probably major in classics, linguistics, or art history. Good luck!

I was just accepted into Arts & Science for Social Science in Victoria College! I’m a US citizen (California), 1530 SAT, 4.1 weighted GPA (but my school doesn’t weight honors classes and only allows APs in junior & senior year), 5s on three APs. Good luck - I hope everyone gets good news!

when did you guys apply? and when did your application turn into something like “under review”? Did you complete your victoria online profile @lex2002 ?

I applied in early October. I don’t think I ever saw my application turn into “Under Review”. When I checked yesterday my application still said “Application Received”. I also never completed a Victoria Online profile because Victoria places so much emphasis on grades (and it was optional haha). Honestly as long as your grades and test scores are good you’ll probably get into Vic, with or without the profile.

@saturnlooking4unis I also applied in early October. I was planning on completing the Vic profile but it said it wasn’t due until February so I was putting it off. (I didn’t know decisions were coming out this early so I thought I had more time.)


IBDP Predicted Grade: 40 (Bio HL 6, Chem HL 7, Mathematics HL 6)
TOEFL: 108 (R29/L24/S27/W28)
College: St. Michael’s
Major(?): Life Sciences
Applied Date: November 21
Decision Date: December 18
Ethnicity: Asian / International

Please ask me anything if you want!

Son was accepted last night into the Arts & Sciences for Social Science/Political Science - and Victoria College!

GPA: 3.7 (4.0 is the max at our school)
SAT: 1390
Subject test: 700 Lang
AP: 5

Canadian citizen, but NY born and bred.

Shocked and thrilled decisions came out this early. I was expecting to be waiting until March!