UofT Social Scene

Hi there!

I’ve just gotten into the University of Toronto St George and I was wondering what the social life was like on campus.
I’ve read quite a few reviews saying that it was too much of an education-oriented uni and many end up feeling alone… Don’t get me wrong, I really want to study hard during my college years but I also want the university’s social scene to be a good fit for me.
Also, I got into the Faculty of Arts and Sciences to study Social Sciences and, if I decide to commit to UofT, I’ll be going to University College for my first year (apparently it has a really fun community!).

Thank you to anyone that can give me a more in-depth impression of the school :slight_smile:

Hello! Similar qs here. Do you know what you want to study? I am curious what it’s like for a student who doesn’t yet know what they want to major in and what type of support you may get to decide. You may have already committed to a US school given the timing?