Uoft's lester b pearson scholarship

Is anyone applying for the scholarship yet?

I am, but I’m still trying to figure out what I’m going to write my essay about!

Hi, I am also currently writing my essays. I was wondering if you wanted to chat. Might be nice to have someone to talk to throughout the process!

Hey guys, I just submitted my scholarship application. Even though maybe we won’t get the scholarship, we have worked really hard and at least tried it . Good luck !

@tararanganatha Aw I’m so sorry I just saw this message. I just submitted my essays yesterday; did you finish yours in time? We can still have a chat if you’d like :slight_smile:

i sent mine too on 15th like after 42326572 hours of work

i hope it works out thankfully i finished in time phewww

ive applied for ethics law and society in UTSG wbyall???

I sent my essays in mid of Dec and I’ve applied for Computer Science at UTSG. Where have y’all applied for living?

ahh I’m so nervous to find out in a week or two. when people receive a notification can they let people on here know? thank you!!

you got your admission decision?

A couple of months ago, I sent an email to Lester B Pearson Scholarship office about the time that the decisions will come out, and they stated that they will announce all decisions by early to mid-April. However, according to last year’s thread, they started to notify recipients around this time ( Late March) until the first or maybe the second week of April. After that, they sent rejections.

How were the decisions for admission sent? Mine still says application under review, so I guess I’m rejected…?

Normally, all international students are supposed to respond to their offer by May 1. I thought there wasn’t an April round, but for UofT to notify you with their decision it seems like there should be. Maybe you can email them?

Yeah, that’s what I’ve done. Let’s see what they respond.

Hey @delocalisedpi , it could just be that due to the current global scenario concerning the coronavirus, the admission office at the UofT could, in all probablility, be facing a huge struggle. Keep your spirits up. There’s still hope.

Hey, did your teachers write a letter of recommendation? I read it in one of the reddit posts, but I didn’t know that there was something like that! Do you guys know anything about it?

I got my decision yesterday it seems.On my Ouac page it shows that I got an alternate offer for engineering science and track one but in my UofT portal it’s says your admission decision is pending.
So I think it means that I was accepted.
Now I wait for the Lester B Pearson news.
Has anyone received a scholarship offer ?

Lester B Pearson scholarship recipients can not tell that they got the scholarship until UofT send all the emails to the applicants. According to former recipients, UofT asks for confidentiality.

Whoever gets it, please notify us here

I applied too! where are you all from?

Mine didn’t! I think you just get nominated by your school and then you write your own application, no letter of recommendation required! Maybe they meant the letter of self-reference?