UoI vs. Georgia Tech

<p>Can anyone compare UoI and Georgia Tech? My son applied to both and is interested in computer science.</p>

<p>thats really a pretty tough decision, georgia tech is great for this kind of study, u of i is also strong...may come down to distance and price</p>

<p>The schools are nearly interchangeable as far as overall engineering prestige is concerned. They consider each other peer schools. CS is perhaps slightly stronger at UIUC but it sure isn't by much. I'd go with price, fit, and distance as the deciding factors in whatever order you value.</p>

<p>Thank you. What about campuses, dorms, neighborhood, cultural life around, etc? Climate I understand is probably better in Georgia.</p>

<p>u of I is absolutely amazing. they have some very very social dorms and some dorms if u don't want social. it's really diverse. u can go to **************.com and see what people say about u of I in terms of food,campus life, safety,etc..u can also do the same for Georgia tech</p>

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<p>As far as atmosphere, dorms etc. there are signifcant differences. Gtech has an almost 4 to 1 male to female ratio because it is mainly a tech college, UIUC is a full service university and has a ratio that is close to 50/50. Your winter can be long and overly brutal at UIUC whereas at Gtech any winter to speak of (and it hardly has any days with temps at night getting below freezing) is short. UIUC has mainly old dorms (only one new one opened last year, before that, the last one built was about 40 years ago). Gtech also has a lot of old dorms but it has a block of fairly modern and very nice dorms built in the 1990s for the 1996 Olympics. The Gtech campus is more stark (lots of concrete) than UIUC which has lots of green and trees.</p>

<p>Gtech is near downtown Atlanta and its nightlife and very close (walking distance) to another college (Georgia State). UIUC is in the small, adjoining cities of Urbana and Champaign (total population combined about 100,000) and outside of those cities is nothing but farmland, trees, and tiny towns for 50 miles in any direction. From Atlanta, you can easily get to mountainous regions (right outside the city). UIUC is in flatland USA where even a small hill which has not been man made is difficult to find.</p>

<p>Thank you, drusba. Very helpful.</p>

<p>Do you know anything about WPI (Worcester) to compare it to GTech and UoI? That is a third school on my son's list.</p>