UoPeople students, transferring credits issues

Im going to begin studying at UoPeople via online, hopefully I’ll be going to the US so I was wondering if anybody has already successfully transferred credits to any universities and if so which ones?

I’ve never heard of it. I’ve never had any students use their services. Most domestic students apply through their local community colleges for online courses.

When I looked it up, there seemed to be a lot of marketing about it. You should access their “counselors” to seek out other graduates of this program.

The big issue, for me, is that I would assume is that there is no interaction with others. I don’t know if that is how that program works.
Part of going to a college or university is that you work with classmates. Even with online courses there is discussion and FaceTime/Zoom kinds of interaction and discussion.

If you plan on transferring to a US school, it will be tougher to be admitted to an American college or university, as an international transfer student. If you need financial aid, you wont have much of an advantage because schools are limited in their funds and reserve those funds for entering freshman.

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This will vary by university, you would need to contact each uni and ask them these questions. You might also take a look at the transferology website. Transferology

U of People does have some partnerships with brick and mortar unis, so start with those to maximize credits that transfer.

Big picture, the average transfer student loses 43% of their credits per a GAO study. That study is dated, but the only one available and still often quoted within the industry, including fairly recently by Jeff Selingo in his May newsletter.

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