Up and coming small cities/large towns

I live near there too. I actually did bake cookies on the dash of my car a couple summers ago. DH almost stepped on a rattlesnake out hiking last fall. Had a scorpion crawl on me, in my house, also last fall. Don’t move here. The weather is perfect right now. We aren’t leaving. :grin:


(In the 22 years we’ve lived here, I’ve never seen a rattlesnake, or a scorpion in the house, but don’t tell anyone.) :shushing_face:


My son who’s moving to OH just sold his house in NC that he’s owned for about 3 years. It sold super quickly and gave him a tidy profit off his investment even after all fees are accounted for. This is in rural western NC. I doubt he could have bought it now at the new price, but it should give him a nice start on getting a place in OH. He’s renting first though in order to figure out his new territory.


The issue is that sometimes people move to certain areas for “quality of life” but others have the same idea…pretty soon the roads are crowded, it’s overbuilt, schools are bursting at the seams, taxes are rising, etc.


My nephew moved his family (wife and 3 kids) from Southern California to Couer d’Alene, Idaho 8 years ago. He was able to take his job with him since he just needs to be within an hour of a major airport (Spokane). They are really happy there, but my nephew says that the area is getting overrun with California money and driving all the prices up.

My brother (his father) and SIL moved to Couer d’Alene last July from Lodi, California. My brother hated his job so he quit and they sold their house of most of their stuff and moved. My brother was able to get a much less stressful job and likes Couer d’Alene. My SIL is not loving the cold weather and when we saw the two of them last month she really wants to move back to California, but they don’t think they can afford it now.


Even I don’t like California in the last few days, high in the high 50s. My flowers love this weather though. But where we are, we have the moderate weather for almost 8 months, after that I like to live in Hawaii for 2 months in the winter, and 2 months in late summer so where else a bit cooler. I plan my travels around those months.

Actually our local schools have drastically reduced class numbers and may even have to close, because young families cannot afford to live here. It is now mostly wealthy retirees, airbnb owners, summer people and weekenders.

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