Upcoming internship opportunities

<p>Hi everybody, I am a sophomore looking for an internship next summer between sophomore and junior year in Investment Banking. Is there any chance for me? I know that some prestigious firms only offer internships for junior or senior, but I really want to do one. Also, can you all suggest me the timeline for the application process? When is the best time to send your application? And what is required to be admitted besides work experiences?
Thank you all</p>

<p>very very tough to land an ibanking internship after sophmore year, unless you have strong personal connections.</p>

<p>most people who intern in ibanking after their junior year, interned in private wealth management or something similar during the previous summer. Just try to intern in something finance-related.</p>

<p>IB sophomore year is tough but possible. You can try interning for an i-bank but not necessarily in the IB department. I know many kids who got a JPM internship in their sophomore year, but they were doing other finance-related things, not IB.</p>

<p>Is there any chance I can land an internship after sophomore year in finance-related things at an IB in New York?
Can you give me the names of some firms that are doing private wealth management stuff? I don't quite get what their job is.</p>

<p>I know Goldman Sachs does private wealth management.
<a href="http://www2.goldmansachs.com/client_services/private_wealth_management/index.html%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www2.goldmansachs.com/client_services/private_wealth_management/index.html&lt;/a>
^Explanation. Hope it helps.</p>

<p>What college do you go to? It makes a pretty big difference depending on the college.</p>

<p>Lehman Brothers just had a presentation for sophomores on summer internship position at my school (stern...)</p>

<p>boooo stern.</p>

<p>did you just say booo urns?</p>

<p>possible. need connection though.</p>

<p>ask your parents to ask their friends
ask your fraternity brothers/alums.....etc
ask your professors for connections.</p>

<p>or just be really good. have you had any experience before?</p>