Upcoming Open House

We are scheduled to attend the Open House in April. I am not sure what else we should do in Charlotte while we are there. I visited 5 years ago with my daughter and she really didn’t like the feel of the campus, but different child so I thought we should try again. Has anyone else been to Open House recently? Any ideas of what else we should do to experience Charlotte?

I am updating this just in case anyone else is planning a visit to UNC-C

We attended the Junior Open House and it was very informative and my DS20 was very impressed. I had toured UNCC 5 years ago and a lot has changed, I am glad we went back to check it out for my 2nd child.

We are from the 2nd largest city in NC but my son was still very impressed with what Charlotte has to offer. We stayed at the Hilton University Place which was VERY close to campus, which was very convenient when we had to get to open house at 8 am. We did the Funny Bus Tour of downtown Charlotte which gave us the lay of the land and some history of Charlotte. After the open house we took the light rail train back into town to have lunch in NODA and walk around that neighborhood. The light rail is free for UNCC students which is a nice perk. We also went to IKEA - which I enjoyed.