Update on Alabama and Standardized testing



As The University of Alabama looks ahead to the upcoming fall recruitment cycle, we wanted to share the latest updates to our application and review process as well as how UA will use standardized test scores through Fall 2022. As always, UA welcomes questions and feedback.


UA will offer two options for students to apply – the UA application will open in July and the Common Application will open in August. There is no tangible benefit to students choosing one option over the other.


The University of Alabama will remain test optional for freshmen entering in Spring, Summer and Fall 2022 Semesters. Students will have the option to submit standardized test scores when applying for admission, but they will not be penalized if scores are not submitted.


Admission consideration for freshmen entering through Fall 2022 will be based on a holistic review, considering both academic and non-academic criteria. Academic components will include high school GPA, performance in core subjects, academic honors and standardized tests, should a student elect to submit scores. Non-academic criteria will include leadership experience, volunteer experience, extracurricular activities, employment and non-academic honors.

The University of Alabama recognizes that not all students have access to the same opportunities in high school, and holistic admissions enables UA to consider a wide range of experiences demonstrating potential for collegiate success. Students will be required to complete the minimum unit requirements.

While additional questions will be added to the application to capture a holistic picture of each student, these questions will be simple and quick to complete. UA will not require an essay or letters of recommendation.


In order to streamline the application process for students, UA is incorporating the scholarship application into the application for admission. Later this summer, detailed guidance on scholarships will be made available

A standardized test score is required for students to qualify for the Alumni Scholar Award which is a member-based scholarship.