Update Yale Application

I was recently elected Class President. I wanted to update my Yale Application with this information, but the portal says that I should only do so if it is absolutely necessary and significant. I am not sure if this is significant enough. I don’t want Yale to think that my update is mediocre or a waste of time. What should I do?

I was also going to add that some of the work I’m doing at one of my internships is going to be available to millions of students around the globe. I did not know about this before I submitted my app, so I was thinking I could add this in too. Im not sure though.

Here is my PoV. Yale already
has everything they need to make a decision. Every applicant will have updates after they submit the application. Yale knows that, but they don’t need to be advised of every change.

They don’t need to know that you got a 4.0 for the quarter. They don’t need to know you were selected varsity baseball captain. They should be told you were nominated for an Academy Award. Between those extremes, use judgement. Personally, if it is not making the local media outside the free town weekly, it’s probably not worth the update.