Update Your Application?

<p>A good friend of mine has a daughter that received an email asking if she wanted to update her application. They listed in the email that you might want to change or update any personal information, add that you are retaking the SATs or you may want to change your selected major as some, Business, Engineering are more competitive. </p>

<p>This young woman had a 1220 (and a 730 on the writing) on her SATs and applied to the Business School. Here english and writing score are high - math was a little weaker. She had a difficult Algebra II teacher sophomore year and passed by the skin of her teeth but did well in a phased down Calc class junior year and is taking Trig senior year.</p>

<p>Am I probably reading between the lines that Pitt problably wants to accept her but not to the Business School. Perhaps she should be better to "update" her major to College of ARts and Sciences undecided. She is actually interested in Advertising/Marketing Major. </p>

<p>Has any one else received a similar email or heard of this happening before? Thanks for your guidance.</p>

<p>If she scored less than 600 on the Math part of the SAT that may be the problem. Note that with math less than 600 she will have to take an algebra placement test, and if she does not pass the placement test, then she will have to re-take algrebra and that will set her back towards completing a business degree- which requires math through calculus, even if you are taking a marketing major.</p>

<p>I would read between the lines that her math SAT score together with weak math grades could be a problem for admission to the business school. But, perhaps she should just call and ask to speak with the admissions counselor who sent the email.</p>

<p>She was actually in advanced math algebra II in sophomore year. She took calculus last year and had no problems. She is taking trig this year and so far no problem. The only math issue was alegebra II sophomre year and the teacher left a lot to be desired. My friend did call Pitt and they didn't really give her any hints. </p>

<p>They are inclined to change the major to arts and sciences and update the application.</p>

<p>If it were my D, I'd have he re-take her SAT's to get math above 600 to show that she has mastered the subject</p>

<p>I assume that means I'm borderline :(. I have 700math 630verbal and 530writing. I have 3.3 GPA and applied to Nursing. Anyone else have any experience with getting this type of email? It says my application has gone through initial review.</p>


<p>Let me preface this by saying that I do not work in the admissions office, but I have heard about this letter. I spoke to someone in admissions about it, and this is what they told me...</p>

<p>That letter is sent out because a lot of kids will apply early, but the committee doesn’t start reviewing files until October. If a student applies in August, but then decides to sign up for the SAT again in September, the committee probably doesn't know that there are more scores on their way. Sometimes kids get upset if the committee makes a decision before getting all of their test scores. It’s just a chance to make any updates (if needed) so that the committee has all of the student’s info before making a decision.</p>

<p>What I took from this is that if an applicant receives this letter, it does not necessarily mean that he/she will not be accepted. It's just a chance to make changes.</p>

<p>So PittPeerAdvisor, you would not take it as a suggestion to change major if a young person applied to nursing or engineering?</p>

<p>MD Mom,</p>

<p>It very well could be a subtle way for the admissions office to suggest that a student should switch their intended school. Again, I'm not an admissions person, so I cannot say any of this as fact. The engineering and nursing schools are much more competitive than Arts and Sciences. Therefore, a student would probably have a better chance of being admitted to A&S if nursing or engineering isn't accepting them right away. </p>

<p>If a student isn't feeling so confident about their admissions status after getting this letter, changing their intended school may not be a bad option. After all, they can always transfer out of A&S after a certain time if they would want to.</p>

<p>Thank you, PittPeerAdvisor.</p>