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What grade are you applying for?

I think you have a pretty good chance though. You have a wide range of ECs, good grades, excellent SSAT score, and is from an under-represented state. I can tell that you are hardworking and a genuinely nice person so the AOs probably can too. Also, I’m not really sure about this, but you being trans might be kinda a hook because you’re bringing diversity?.. I’m not really sure if it is true tho don’t quote me on this!

Buuut you’re applying for full aid. I’m not sure just how much it decreases your chances, but regardless, you’re a pretty strong applicant. Good luck!!!

@ilovechoateeeee 10th!

Also thank you for the comment. I am just worried about the aid part lol

@CavsFan2003 I don’t believe that aid will be problem at schools like Andover, Exeter, Choate, etc. but that is assuming you are accepted to those highly selective schools. Of course, it will be tougher to receive full aid from schools such as CA or Brooks. Overall, I think your chances are pretty strong. In terms of 2nd semester grades, it really depends on how low you are talking about. If there are 1 or 2 Bs or B+s, I believe it will lower your chances, but not by that much. However, if you have several C’s that is definitely something to worry about. In terms of class rank, don’t sweat it, as long as you are in the top 10% of your class (or even in the top 15- 20%) you should be fine, but again, this is coming from a person who’s school doesn’t rank so take my advice there with a grain of salt.

Another thing I want to caution you on is try to stay away from the popular assumption that supposedly low grades will balance out due to a high SSAT score. To quote the head of admissions from a school at a Ten Schools Admissions event, “some applicants believe that a high SSAT score will compensate for really low grades. It won’t. It just leads us to the assumption that you had the ability to do better in school, but didn’t put in the effort or you just worked really hard to succeed on a standardized test rather than do anything else.”

I also want to point out that while your EC’s are really interesting I believe your lack of a major sport will hurt you in the process. I’m not saying you need to be a recruited athlete, however many, if not all, of the schools on your list do not have a bowling team or a bowl alley. Furthermore, I think track is a great sport, however, I have been told by several of my friends at boarding school and several tour guides that it tends to become the sport everyone does when they don’t really have any other commitment that they like during that season (again I’m not saying everyone doing track is just doing it to fulfill the athletics/after school requirement, but many are). Ultimately, I would say that academically and extracurricular wise–you are set, however, the FA and lack of athletics will be a draw back. Overall, I think you will have options on M9.

*Note: at the level of Choate, Deerfield, Andover, Exeter, etc. there truly isn’t any “geodiversity” in regards to different US states due to the incredibly high volume of applications they receive. So, I don’t believe this would be a “hook” or even a boost for your app.

Anyways, GOOD LUCK! And make sure you post back on M9 with your results!

@CC4life Thank you!!

My grades that semester dropped from straight As to 3 As, 2 Bs, and a C+, but I wrote about the circumstances surrounding them (mother in and out of jail, mom attempting suicide, having to move schools because of it) so I hope the AOs understand.

I’ve definitely heard the same thing about track, too, actually. I’m not very good so I think I fall into the same category, which is unfortunate.

@CC4life I think aid might be a bit of a problem since they’re applying for 10th grade (as am I) and financial aid for the class of ‘22 has already been distributed.

@YoungThriver That is actually a good point however I’m not sure how true it is for schools like Choate, Deerfield, Andover, etc. ultimately these schools are adding anywhere between 30-60 kids in 10th grade because many private schools, particularly private middle boarding and day schools end after 9th grade. Thus, they fully expect an influx of new students and according to an AO from Choate They allocate the same percent of resources as they would to the new 9th grade class. Of course this would not be numerically the same amount of aid or students, but I am assuming this means the same percent of FA students,recruits, legacies (which may be less considering that legacies most likely matriculate into the class in 9th grade). However, where you run into a problem would be with smaller schools such as Groton where a friend of mine who interviewed for 10th grade was literally told that it is “incredibly difficult” to get in as a new 10th grader, let alone when you are on FA. Groton is, of course, an outlier to the usual boarding school because they have been building their class since 8th grade, however, most boarding schools, even smaller ones, tend to have a large amount of space specifically for new 10th graders.

I really have nothing to add about your chances, but I hope you get into the schools of your choice! You seem like you’d be a great addition to a community and I LOL’d at your Fortnight wins comment. This process is stressful – you lightened it up for me! :D/

@MaylaSunshine Thank you! I hope you get into your schools as well!

I’m a little late but I think that with the amount of schools applied to, you’ll have a high chance

I’m in no position to weigh in on probabilities, but I hope you get good news on M8/9/10. You seem like a neat kid who has worked hard and done well notwithstanding some tough circumstances, which is commendable. Wishing you the best.

@CTMom21 Thank you, it means a lot. :slight_smile:

If i had to guess, good news is coming. Good grades and SSAT scores, plus impressive EC’s. I also think that the AO’s will be impressed by your ability to overcome tough circumstances (trouble with your mom). I agree with ilovechoateeeee that you being trans could help you out too. Good luck!!!

@YoungThriver , schools that admit students in grades other than 10th usually have an FA budget for them so I don’t think that’s any more of an issue than it is for a 9th grader.

It is true that most schools add very few in 11th and that FA for them may be very limited to non-existent.

@gardenstategal Kind of glad to hear that. Thanks!

Any news, @CavsFan2003 ?

@CaliMex Accepted to Hotchkiss, Lawrence (WL for aid) and Choate w/ Icahn Scholars!


Does Icahn Scholars mean a full ride? Also, I wonder if you chose ARC program and what are your impressions about it?


Almost all Icahn Scholars are on a full ride. One of my friends pays a couple thousand, but I’d say the vast majority of us pay nothing.

I did indeed choose ARC! It has been a wonderful experience so far. We are beginning our build season right now. The coaches are very kind and fun to work with; they make ARC a great team to be on. The ARC classes are supremely interesting: Robotics Fabrication and Design is the fall term course, and it teaches you basically everything you need to know about entering FIRST. Competition Robotics is also great; we’ve just been working through all of the FIRST challenges as a team. I haven’t taken Autonomous Robotics yet (next term), but I’m very excited for it. If you have more questions, feel free to PM me!

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