updated chances? please help!

<p>freshman at hamilton college</p>

<p>fall semester
Intro Phil: A
Calc. II: A
Intro Literary Study: A
Intro Microecon: A</p>

<p>spring semester midterms:
linear algebra: A-
intro anthro: B+
creative writing (200 level): A
contemporary moral issues: A</p>

<p>sat: 2250</p>

<p>hs gpa: 3.0 (middle of class at top prep school with avg sat of 1400)</p>

<p>thoughts on my chances at transferring to tufts, cornell (CAS), penn, amherst?</p>

<p>thanks for your help,

<p>All would seemingly depend on your reasons for transferring and your recommendation. What is your motive?</p>

<p>broader course offerings, some have access to graduate classes, improved athletic team, better philosophy/math depts...</p>

<p>my recommendations will be very good but i still worry about my hs record...you think i have a decent shot at all or what?</p>


<p>also my first term class rank was 6/534</p>