Updated Haas' pre-requisites

<p>I noticed that now they require two semesters of calculus for those applying in the fall of 2011. I'll be applying in the fall/2010 but I have taken two semesters of calculus (1A/1B), both which I've done well in. Do you guys think that will help even though we are not required to take two semesters of calculus? Thanks.</p>

<p>Most people have taken 2 sem of calc as their backup major is Econ... which requires 2 semesters...
So, relatively, having 2 semesters is nothing special.</p>

<p>And Haas doesn't care about anything other than your pre-reqs... so, no, they do not help :(</p>

<p>technically they would be pre-requisites, but that just wishful thinking on my parts. =/ Thanks!</p>

<p>Do we need to finish both R1A and R1B BEFORE applying to Haas?</p>