updated list of schools with hefty national merit scholarships- full ride or near full ride?

Could someone please direct me to an updated list or the best conversation thread? Thank you!

I have yet to see an accurate list; it would have to be very recent given all the changes in the past year. Old lists fail to include that the State of Florida pays Total Cost of Attendance for IS and OOS NMFs to UF, FSU, USF, UCF, and New College. The scholarship is the state’s Benacquisto Scholarship. I believe that UF is the highest-ranked college in US News for which being a NMF will qualify you for a full ride scholarship.

As @oldandwise put it, there is no up-to-date list. Here are some of the larger schools offering close to a full ride to get you started:

• The large Florida public schools mentioned above (UF, FSU, UCF, USF, and New College of Florida)
• University of Alabama
• University of Idaho
• University of Kentucky
• Mississippi State
• University of New Mexico
• Oklahoma State
• Texas Tech
• UT Arlington
• UT Dallas
• University of North Texas

Best thread to start with:

Then look at threads for NMFs or NMSFs from recent years.

I don’t think this is up-to-date, but it’s a place to find schools that you can google for most recent info:
Schools are constantly changing their NMF scholarships.

Thanks everybody!

Look at Baylor, Texas Tech and UTD.

Anybody have experience with Idaho?

For you UA Crimson tide fans. My NMF son last spring break was visiting UF. The Benacquisto for OOS NMF was signed by the Governor that day. Later that day my son received an Email from UA. He hadn’t applied so they must have taken his info from NMF roles. They invited him to attend for a Full Cost Of Attendance, Room and Board included. They further offered the scholarship to be for 6 years to include Law School or Masters. We were quite surprised. (SAT 1550, Ec’s etc. nothing outrageous ) He is attending UF.