Updated SDSU Chances

CSU GPA: 3.74
11 AP’s: AP Human Geography(4)
AP World History(4)
AP Biology(3)
AP Art History(4)
AP English Language(5)
AP Seminar(3)
Senior Year AP’s: AP Research
AP U.S. Government and Politics
AP Macroeconomics
AP English Literature
AP Statistics

  • I also have taken 3 honors courses (Chemistry, Pre-Calculus and Anatomy/Physiology) and 3 dual enrollment courses at local CC (Psychology, Kinesiology, and U.S. History)
    Varsity Athlete
    ASB Representative
    Volunteer Coach
    Intended Major: Kinesiology
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When did you apply? My daughter was accepted on 12/18 for Kinesiology. OOS.

I applied October 1st. I believe I will et my decision in March. I am simply concerned because of my low GPA. My test scores where much higher but they aren’t looking at those anymore. Hopefully my course rigor will pull me through