Updated Transcript

<p>Does anyone know if there is anyway to send your ist semester senior year grades to UF now. I have a 3.92 UF gpa and this semester I have a 4.75 UF gpa. I would love to send it but I have no idea if anyone would look at it. Has anyone had any experience with that?</p>

<p>Someone on CC posted yesterday that UF does not look at senior year grades, just the level of difficulty of classes you are taking. They only look at senior year grades after you've been accepted is what i've heard.</p>

<p>you are welcome to send it and ask for them to be considered. i wouldn't take anyone's word here as to whether they actually do consider them.</p>

<p>i would hurry up though. like, get it mailed the first day its available.</p>

<p>UF evaluates and makes admission decisions based upon the following:
1.Grades,course work, rigor and GPA from 9th through 11th grade, unless 8th grade classes include Algebra I or an advanced science class.
2. SAT/ACT scores.
3. Essay
4.EC's and work experience.
5. URM and first to attend college status.
6.Geographical location. There is a formula UF uses to take a certain number of applicants from each of Florida's counties.
7. OOS students are capped at a maximum of 3%. Although last year the number of admitted students was below 2% with higher admission stats.
8. A few students are admitted from each public high school who are nominated by their school's principal with the highest GPA under the "Talented Twenty" program so long as they meet the minimum SAT/ACT score requirement.
9. There are obviously a number of admitted students for athletic scholarship purposes. </p>

<p>There is anecdotal information that the number of athletic scholarship and Talented Twenty students admitted is about 800-900 or so. The projected class size for 2016 is 6300 from an admitted students pool of about 11,000 covering Fall, summer B and Spring 2013.</p>

<p>So you are telling me that its a waste of my time to send the senior year first semester grades to the school.</p>