Updating application?

<p>Does anybody know how Princeton prefers its applicants to send updates to their applications? i.e. new awards.</p>

<p>I looked all over the Princeton website and could not find an answer.</p>

<p>Just send an email to the undergraduate admissions office</p>

<p>Midyear report...your counselor can add it.</p>

<p>Email the admissions office.</p>

<p>^ I called them and they specifically requested any updates be faxed.</p>

<p>Even if I have no new notable awards/accomplishments to share, can I send a letter reaffirming Princeton as my first choice and explaining why I'd love to attend?
And where do I send this?</p>

<p>mainly @sockpuppetmaster, but might also apply to some others viewing this thread.</p>

<p>Do not give Princeton admissions any unnecessary e-mails/mails. Only e-mail/mail them when you believe it is extremely important that they know this additional information about you or when you have a serious inquiry that needs immediate response.</p>

<p>This goes for every circumstance, so use your own judgement. But in most cases, if you have doubts about giving them an e-mail, it's safer not to send one in at all.</p>