Updating CSS Profile after filing 2015 taxes

Sorry if this has been asked before, or if I’m overthinking this. I filled out the CSS in November for the school I applied early to, using my 2014 tax forms and estimating for 2015. Now that I have my 2015 forms, how should I update it to send to other schools?

I figured out how to add additional schools and how to get to the screen where I can retype info, but the questions are still all asked as “Estimated ___ for 2015 year,” which makes me feel like the schools that’ll receive this afterward will still think that it’s all estimations based off the 2014 year. Not sure how to proceed…does this matter? Is there somewhere on CSS where I can change the settings from estimations to actual figures?

When I had to update the CSS two years ago I had to hand write in the changes and submit a scanned copy to my son’s college. One could not do it in the online form.

You cannot update the Profile online for the colleges you have submitted to.

BUT if you are adding NEW colleges to submit to, you can update the Profile online for those new submissions.