Updating info

<p>I have a sporting event that I compete in on Nov. 26th. In the event that I place or receive an award, would it be too late to relay this information to Penn?</p>

<p>I'd recommend emailing the info to your regional admissions officer:</p>

<p>Penn</a> Admissions: Regional Admissions Officers</p>

<p>^ I asked the admission office and they said that most regional directors won't respond to emails since they're workign from home. fax a copy of the information to them as well as email your regional director. that's what they told me.</p>

<p>^ Certainly can't hurt to do both--good idea. :)</p>

<p>Fax a copy to the admissions office lol. I just realized my post was kinda unclear. it's so earlyyy in the morningg.</p>

<p>@idksilly: That may be untrue, at least partially. My admissions officer responds to e-mails I send her, whether she is out traveling or back on Penn's campus. Think about it--say your counselor had to e-mail him/her with an update of sorts; how would they get it if they didn't check their e-mail?</p>

<p>@hardworking21: Haha I don't knoww, that's what they told me. I did it just for precautionary sake.</p>

<p>@idksilly: Oh gotcha. As a general tip, e-mail is incredibly reliable, especially if your e-mail platform lets you get sent receipts/read receipts.</p>

<p>@hardworking21: I sent my person an email about two weeks ago to no avail, so when I called in they told me to just fax it to them haha D: i got neglected.</p>


Not necessarily--that he/she didn't respond doesn't mean that he/she didn't receive and review your email. :)</p>

<p>@idksilly and 45 Percenter: Exactly. Perhaps they read your e-mail and haven't had a chance to reply. Or, they have received the key info in your e-mail, but still did not reply. After all, these adcoms have to read X,000 number of applications and make decisions as a committee by Dec X. They want to make sure every single person chosen, deferred, and rejected is the correct decision. A non-replied e-mail or two probably won't plague their conscience.</p>