UPenn 2015 Chances?

<p>I am applying ED to CAS for Health in Society and Music
Born in China, moved to U.S at age 7
Competitive Magnet High School
GPA:3.9 weighted, 97</p>

<p>SAT I Scores
CR:650, M:720, Wr:710, Essay: 10
SAT II US. History: 740
Will take Math II and Chinese in the fall</p>

<p>ACT Score
32 composite
I'm going to take ACT a second time in September, and if I improve, I will take out the SATs completely.</p>

10th: AP Biology 5
11th: AP US History and AP Language and Comp-projected 5s
Senior Schedule
AP Calculus BS
AP Gov/Econ
AP Art Portfolio
AP Literature
AP Chinese
AP Chemistry

Music Supplement
Interested in Music at Penn
Piano since 5 yrs old
*Full merit scholarship ($4000 per year) for four years at Vanderbilt's blair school of music
-Taking College courses in:
Music Theory
Music History
Private Lesson w/ department chair
Chamber music
-Blair will send in transcipt for all of these (A average in most, A- in music history)
*Tennessee Governor School for the Arts
free 5 week summer school
played opening solo for Beethoven Choral Fantasy at the finale in Schermerhorn.
*Piano Department Chair Recommendation</p>

<p>Will Send in an art porfolio
-contains realistic but trippy art
-will have served in the Art service club for 4 years including senior year
club leader/project planner/event coordinator
will have over 100 hours</p>

<p>Also Interested in Health in Society major
*Volunteer at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital for 10th 11th and 12th grade, 310 hours so far
*Young Scholars Medical Program at Vanderbilt for 3 weeks-11th grade summer
-free program that allows you to sit in on surgeries and intern in all depts in hospital
-may end up interning with the a doctor from the program depending on my interest
*On the Youth advisory board for Nashville Public Health Department 11th and 12 grade
-served as event speaker on most occasions
-will have over 150 hours
-we organize health fairs and help high risk teens around Nashville
*Richland Retirement Home 9th grade
-only about 50 hours
*Habitat for Humanity
-18 hours total
*Event coordinator for School wide Health fair
*Multicultural Alliance club 11th and 12th grade
*will produce a research paper on a type of flower petal differentiation to submit to Siemens by senior year
-probably send in app as well if it turns out ok
-boyfriend in vagelos is helping me on this one because I originally wanted to go into bio</p>

<p>*Forensic team 10th 11th and 12th grade
-multiple award for citywide competitions
*Model United Nations 10th 11th 12th grade
*Youth in Government 11th and 12th grade</p>

<p>*Mu Alpha Theta
-math tutor
*Spanish Honors Society
-Spanish tutor for levels I, II, and III
*Science Honors Society
-tutor for AP Biology, and Chemistry
Only about 70 hours for all three
*National Honors Society-inducted junior year
*Guidence worker 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th</p>

Algebra II department award
World History Department award
United States Airforce Academy book award for Math and Science
Emerging Public health professional award
Governor School of the arts award for excellence in piano
MJB Merit Scholarship of $4,000 for piano at Vanderbilt
Forensics-Nashville Area
3rd in lincoln douglas debate 2009
1st in lincoln douglas debate, 2010
1st in TV broadcasting, 2008, 2009, 2010
2nd in Original oratory, 2009</p>

<p>*Leadership(kind of weak)
Freshman Secretary
Youth Board member for Public health dept
Art Service club leader
Multicultural Alliance president/founder
Beetoven trio leader
Dvorak quartet leader</p>

I think they will be good. One is from my AP biology teacher( I babysit his kids), and the other is from my AP US teacher who's also my debate coach (I had him freshmen year for government as well). The Guidance Counselor is like my mother.(guidance worker for 4 yrs).</p>

<p>I know my scores needs some major improvements for Penn, but I just really want to get in
My boyfriend and I both really love Penn. He's going to be int the Vagelos program for bio and business for class of 2014. We just really want to be together</p>

<p>Give me feedback so I can try to improve my chances for UPenn 2015 ED</p>

<p>I would wait to see if your scores go up before aplying ED and I would not take the Chinese SATll being a native speaker, adcom hate that.</p>