UPenn Addresses

<p>Where are the addresses for the teacher recs and school report forms? I can't find them anywhere in the packet..
Is it just all to:
Office of Undergraduate Admissions
University of Pennsylvania
1 College Hall
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Or is that just for Form 1 and Personal Information?</p>

<p>It is usually the same address for all the parts. But if you are not sure, call the office and ask them. Do you really want to send your stuff to the wrong place because someone on CC forum told you so?</p>

<p>1 college hall is the address for all forms...it's the address for the entire admissions dept.</p>

<p>Ok, thanks guys. nngmm, no I don't. But I figured that some people have already sent their apps in to UPenn and would obviously know.
The reason why I asked was because Cornell wanted common apps to one place and part 1 to another. So, I was just wondering if that was the case for UPenn also.</p>