UPenn Admissions Fall 2022

Applying to UPenn in 2022? This is a space for the members of the class of 2026 to post questions, comments or admissions stats and updates.


has anyone gotten their portal yet?

Yes, my daughter received an email about it the day after she applied.

when did she apply? I haven’t gotten mine yet (not too worried though, it’s only the second day after the deadline)

She applied on 1/4 and received the portal email on 1/6.

You should receive the email soon. If you applied on the deadline date (1/5) they might be backed up an additional day or two.

My daughter applied back in Nov and still hasn’t heard back. Guess this can’t be positive. :expressionless:

Just to be clear: she applied RD in November and didn’t get a portal email? All applicants should receive one - might have gone to the spam folder.

You can write to applicants@admissions.upenn.edu to inquire.

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No, EA

EA decisions were released on December 16th. Your daughter should definitely have received her decision that day. Possible outcomes: accepted, deferred, denied.

She should check her portal.

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She missed submitting her SRAR by Nov 1st. She didnt see it until Thanksgiving break. I guess pushed to RD. I thought she’d get a response by now.

My D got her portal a couple of days after she applied RD (she applied a few days before the deadline) and has an interview scheduled. Probably random when they get to them.

UPenn doesn’t use SRAR. Are you referring to Penn State?

Sorry yes! :slightly_smiling_face:

I just realized I’m on the wrong thread. Sorry. :flushed:

Hi, Does anyone know if the interview is random or the admission committee reads the applications and then selects applicants for interview? My daughter applied for RD on Dec 21st and received interview email on Jan 2


They try to interview as many as they can. I don’t think it has anything to do with the content of a student’s application.

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Thanks much for your quick response!!

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Anybody from GA region got RD interview?

Has anyone else still not received their PFAS in their financial aid section of the portal?