UPENN Application help!!

<p>Hey guys...there are 2 questions on the UPENN Application that I am not sure how to respond to.</p>

<p>The 1st question...Tell us something that is readily not apparent from your application...I have no idea what I've been brainstorming for 2 hours. Everything is either covered by my resume or my essays.</p>

<p>The 2nd question...What do you think is the most important moment in history?? I've been thinking of civil rights but I believe that is far too overused. Does anyone have any suggestions? It would be greatly appreciated.</p>

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<p>I remember these questions from my son's ap several years ago (he's a senior there now), and remember he spent a long time deciding what to write, also. But I can't remember what he wrote. But, to be honest, I really think you need to come up with the answers yourself. It wants to know your opinion, not mine. :) Here are some ideas to get you started:</p>

<p>Perhaps the two questions could work together to help you answer them. For instance, if civil rights is important to you, then why? and does that show up in your application elsewhere? Think about what else is important to you -- If people could know only one thing about you, what would you want it to be? Is that reflected in your application already? The invention of the napkin because you are a mess? or because you are obsessive about cleanliness? (I'm joking, but that's the general idea of how you need to think about things.) </p>

<p>Now I remember some of my son's thought processes. He thought Jesus' life and death was rather important :) but felt also that it was cliche. (I pointed out that if soemthing really was the most important event in history, that it was appropriate that more than one person would think so!) I think he ended up writing about another Biblical character -- perhaps the founding of the church or Moses, or Paul, or something. The important thing was not what he chose, but how well he was able to explain (and justify) his choice.</p>