UPenn bio dental program

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First time posting question on CC-
DD24 is interested in apply UPenn 7 years bio dental program.
Does anyone have a firm answer that if she applies to ED and lets say only gets in UPenn not the program, is she obligated to go the school?
Heard Brown PLME is binding even though not making to PLME.

HOLY COW, that’s going to be an EXPENSIVE education!!! The dental portion alone will be well over half a million. :exploding_head:

If the answer isn’t on the school website your D should email Penn Admissions and ask.

Very true and shocking! Medical and dental schools are always expensive.


They aren’t equally expensive though, and that’s a very important thing to figure out now.

A thousand years ago when I was looking at optometry schools, the prices were much lower, but it’s all relative. Everything was much cheaper. The dynamic was much the same though.

As they are today, private schools were two to four times as expensive as public schools depending on your residency status with no higher earning potential.

Dental school in TX is roughly $200k for non-residents, and $160k for residents for all 4 years.

There’s a kicker though. Do well enough to earn a scholarship after your first year and you get in state tuition in some states. We did.

I talk about careers with all of my patients that are healthcare providers. The topic that comes up over and over is the cost. Several of them said they just pushed through, head down, eyes on the prize, and were surprised by the hole they were in when they got out. Several said they wouldn’t have taken that route had they done the calculation in advance.

So, long story short, you have a chance to do just that, calculate the overall costs and how you’ll deal with them. It’s a very important exercise.

Good luck!

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Let’s focus on the question:

If the OO wants to ask about cost, ROI, etc, they can

It’s a two minute call to the admissions office to find out, so do it!

BioDent is different than other undergrad dual degree programs at Penn in that it is not a program for two undergrad degrees from different colleges within Penn. For M&T, Vagelos, Huntsman, etc., you have to specify at application time which college (Wharton, CAS, SEAS, Nursing) you’d like to be considered for if you’re not admitted into the program. BioDent is a submatriculation program so you’re really only admitted to CAS. You are conditionally accepted into the BioDent program… You’re not fully admitted into BioDent until later and that’s contingent on 3 years of academic performance.