UPenn Biochemistry vs BAS Biomedical Science

I’m applying to UPenn for either Biochemistry (College of Arts and Sciences) or BAS Biomedical Science (College of Engineering and Applied Science). The problem is that one cannot switch majors between schools upon entrance to UPenn, so I have to choose now. I don’t know which one is better, so I’d appreciate if I could get some input about this. I’m interested in chemistry, biology, math, and physics (in that order). Also, I will be applying to medical school. I’m pretty sure medicine is the best path for me.

@FireReed Here are the general points. At the end you need to decide.

  1. For MD admission, GPA is critical and hence you need to review both programs and see if any one will jeopardize. Also see if Engg has more credits to graduate and/or more harder courses to fulfill etc
  1. At the same time, there are situations you may change your plans from medicine to engg if you started liking that more and engg is a good plan B also.
  2. You are going to get a better grade wherever you are happy. So go with your instinct, if you like biochem or biomedical.

Review the coursework for each school (CAS or SEAS) including both BE programs (BAS vs BSE). You can apply to switch schools after freshman year with an explanation of your academic interests and a good GPA. Think about whether you prefer to be a pure scientist or apply the science to problem solve. Either of the three degrees will give you the opportunity to fulfill your premed requirements.