UPenn Biomedical Research Program

<p>I just got into it today and am probably going to go. How is this program? Does it help admissions wise to UPenn? Is it easy to get into (just wondering how I stand)?</p>

<p>bumpo. whats the selectivity rate like?</p>

<p>Well, how did you get into it? The website might have some of the information you are requesting.</p>

<p>About 400 out of 600 applicants selected. I got in last year but they had no room for me in Biomed (applied a day before deadline) so they offered me Forensics instead. I did not attend.</p>

<p>so its relatively easy to get into? i dunno if i want to shell out 6000 for this program since im looking for a good program</p>

<p>It costs $6,000?!</p>

<p>yup about $5500 something plus $550 deposite</p>

<p>That is crazy, plus the website says that not a lot of financial aid is given.</p>

<p>yeah i didnt apply for financail aid (since if you do its harder to get in)</p>

<p>I guess I won't be participating in this program next year.</p>

<p>you should still apply for it and ask for financial aid. from the posts above its easy to get into</p>

<p>Yeah, but they said they don't give a lot, so I think the most they'll give is a couple of hundred dollars (not nearly enough).</p>

<p>olivetree, my friend got nearly $1200 in financial aid .. but unfortunatley for her, that's not enough!
i want to apply to this next year (after i find out what my friend and CC'ers thought)</p>