UPenn Class of 2025 Waitlist

Also, so proud of us all for making it this far

We did great y’all! Good luck to everyone on this thread (on whatever your decision is).


Good luck everyone. I guess this is where I leave this thread. Thanks to everyone who called the office. My college choice is still uncertain (I’m between staying in my home country or going to USA). But I know that I will try to apply again to US colleges this fall again. (At least the ones who I can). One more thing, I think we should be proud of ourselves for what we’ve done. We got through this difficult application process and managed to get waitlisted in a great school. But regardless of where we’ll study, I know we all will accomplish great things!

All rejected? Or extended waitlist

My son just got of the waitlist today at 5.30…
His twin brother was accepted there in ED.
So there is hope yet, I want to wish each one of you all the best of luck…


5:30 est?

Rejected Wharton a few hours ago

Hey guys , I have a question for those who plan to reapply next year to US colleges ( which is a plan I am also considering) . Will you go back to your high school and have teachers write a letter of recommendation to you + counselor and just doing everything all over again or can we reuse everything that had already been uploaded on the common app ?

Are you going to reapply to the same colleges you didn’t get into this year or different ones?

CAS? admitted today after the rejection wave?

Has the wait list closed or was this a rejection wave? I am asking since there are some people on reddit who got off the wait list yesterday and they are saying that they will not be able to accept the offered spot from Penn because of financial issues or some other reasons but if they have closed the wait list, then how will they cover up for these spots?

You rejected wharton or wharton rejected you? It’s slightly unclear, i m sry :((

I’m not really sure about this. Can we reuse them? I heard that we can…

All rejected.

My son got accepted for school of engg and science. He will most likely accept it. (We didn’t check the portal till very late last night because we thought it was the waitlist close message).

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I think you can reuse it but it will most likely hold no significance because if the same materials didn’t get you in this year, it’s most likely not going to next year. For a gap year, do something significant! And having an employer or a person form your internship write the recommendation would really reflect on you.

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After careful and serious consideration, I’m choosing to do a gap year (I came up with a good plan on what to do).

Is there anyone that really wants to do Penn and is going for a gap year to do ED Penn for the next cycle that wants to hook up like privately (maybe an groupchat?) because I really think group research finds a lot more information and having people with the same purpose supporting you along the way really helps (base on this whole waitlist and experience from this thread). Let me know if you’re interested for something like this.