UPenn Class of 2025 Waitlist

My D received her decision today for UPenn and has been WL for CAS. Is there anyone that has been in this situation that can give some helpful insight to help boost her chances of acceptance?

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In same situation. WL only from one college. So very hopeful to get into it.

Waitlist here!

waitlisted as well! Does anyone know the number of people that have been waitlisted this year and/or an estimate of how many people could eventually be accepted? I feel like the likelihood of getting pulled off the waitlist this year is so low

Waitlisted to Wharton. I found that last year, 385 people were accepted off Penn’s waitlist in total. Fingers crossed that they reach deep into the waitlist pool this year as well!

I thought they only accepted one hundred some people last year? But this year they do have a new admissions dean and they have a way higher predicted yield rate, sooo…

We should create a groupchat to keep us all updated, anyone wants to join?

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hmm probably because last year a lot of guys deferred admissions and took a gap year cause of covid, so they had to fill the class up

I would love to

anyone knows why I don’t have the waitlist update button on my portal ?

You have to accept the waitlist offer first, then click on the second tab up top (4 tabs in total), then towards the top there should be a place for waitlist update.

What school are you waitlisted for?

upenn only what about you ?

I see it now thank you!!

I meant like what college for UPenn, I’m waitlisted for Wharton. University wise I’m waitlisted for Cornell too.

oh , I’m waitlisted for CAS! good luck !

Any idea how many waitlisted this year?
My DD waitlisted for CAS.

About 200 kids from the class of 2024 took a gap year and deferred their admission to 2025 (usually there are about 50 deferrals). Not sure how that is going to impact waitlist acceptances this year.

However they did accept less people this year so I guess they left space for those deferrals.

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Does anyone know where to submit the LOCI? I’m hearing mixed messages about whether to send it to the regional AO, submit it as an additional doc to the portal, or do both.