UPenn & Columbia Portfolio

I could choose to upload videos of my talents to a Portfolio,

But, is this only for arts students?

If my major is not art, should I still do it?

How much would this help if my videos are good?

Here’s my take on supplements to top research universities and LACs: consider the quality of supplements that others will submit. Even for HYP, music supplements would be of the quality to a top conservatory, art supplements to a top art school, and research supplements are ready (or almost ready) to be published (if they have not been already).

As an example, here is what Penn says:


When it comes to college applications, more ≠ better. At some point, the old adage applies: the thicker the file, the thicker the kid.

That is a very helpful answer! Thank you!
But if my supplements are really really really good, then I should submit even if i’m not art major right?

If they are really good, then yes, submit regardless of planned major.

My only advice is to show them to an independent and honest voice. Perhaps a third party art teacher or gallery owner. If it’s not your major it’s better to know from an experts eye.

What about Research Abstracts? should i submit?

As I said, " the thicker the file, the thicker the kid."

Pick one supplement (if any). No college will be dazzled by multiple supplements.