Upenn competition

<p>Would any of you (including ones that got into upenn) which areas would make getting in upenn easier. Meaning, like if i apply for biology in upenn i might more easily get in rather than if i was applying for business; or getting into the arts would be easier than getting into law. would you happen to know anything about that?</p>

<p>It will be easiest for you to get into Penn if you apply to an area in which you are actually passionate about, instead of trying to beat the system...</p>

<p>There should be no difference in the majors within each school ie I believe a prospective phys major and a prospective chem major have equal chances in the College.</p>

<p>Between schools, however, its different. ie between College, Engineering, Wharton, and Nursing.</p>

<p>There's a quota for everything at the elite-level colleges. Of course, many people end up changing their minds (and majors) after a year or two of college. Still, admissions committees do their best to balance their incoming classes by potential major. It makes sense to keep all of their academic departments humming with students. For example, several years ago, German majors were quite scarce at some Ivy colleges. Quite understandably, this boosted the chances of prospective German majors for several admissions cycles.</p>