UPenn Early Decision for Fall 2022 Admission

I applied Mechanical Engineering!

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I applied for Biomedical Science!

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It’s looking like the decision is coming out either the 16th or 17th

ED release dates from last four years:



is anyone else freaking out… lol

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Yeah I think maybe too many applicants applied this year so they need more time?

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Hopefully we get a date tommorrow, since last year they got an email on the 9th

It’s always been the third week of December.

Do you know what time of day they emailed ?

7pm, so exactly one week before decision release

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On Penn Portal
Thank you for applying to the University of Pennsylvania. Decisions for Early Decision applicants will be released here on Thursday, December 16th at 7:00pm ET.



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Does everybody get an email? Or only certain applicants?

I got the mail. Everyone who applied ED would have got this mail.

Is this for this year??

Yes, Fall 2022 admission for the Class of 2026.

I got an email at 1 pm EST today. Decisions will come out on the 16th.

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does anyone’s financial aid say “ready for review?”

Did you submit yours? I didn’t submit mine yet an it says “Required, please submit”.

Also what time did you guys get your emails at?