UPenn Early Decision for Fall 2022 Admission

University of Pennsylvania offers Early Decision but does not offer Early Action for freshman admissions.

The Early Decision (ED) deadline for Fall 2022 admission is November 1.


All ED applications should receive an admissions decision on December 16 at 7pm est. Last year, UPenn admitted 1,183 of the 7,961 applicants who applied early decision. The ED acceptance rate was 14.9%.


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Hello, Has anyone applied to UPenn ED from Chennai city (India) has received an Interview call from UPenn?


Also seeking input from others about a UPenn interview. D22 applied ED (Bay Area, CA) and hasn’t heard from them.

hi. I have also applied to upenn ED. I have not got any interviews. I am also from Chennai.

I applied on Oct 29 and I completed my interview on Nov 10. As noted everywhere, getting or not getting an interview seems to have no bearing on the admission decision.


S22 applied ED and had an interview a little over a week after submitting the application. We are located in New Jersey.

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S has applied ED to Penn. Application submitted on Nov 1st, interview happened earlier this week. We are in the northeast. Keeping fingers crossed.


Applied ED a few days before Nov 1 – interview was about two weeks later.

Anyone hear ED notification date for this cycle?

I believe it will be 12/15 based on last year’s mid-week release.

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i think dec 15 or 16

D22, ED BioChemistry (So. Cal), Financial Aid indicates “Received and Ready to Review”. Heard some say “In Review” may be a good sign but the above statement was just provided today. Not sure how I need to interpret this. Any comment is appreciated.

Mr. John - Every college has some variation of “in review”, “already processed” (UChicago), “ready to review” (GTech), … I do not think it is an indication of anything. I have applied ED to Penn but did not apply for financial aid, so my financial aid status shows “You have chosen not to apply for financial aid”. Best wishes.

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will I be rejected if I chose to pursue financial aid, but haven’t filled anything out yet besides the fafsa?

The financial aid department works separately from the admission comity so “In Review” is neither a good nor bad sign. It does not have any connection to your admission status!

UPenn web site says below, so we expect some communication today or tomorrow .

  • application cycle.

*We will notify all Early Decision applicants of the exact time and date of our decision release at least one week ahead of time so that they can be aware of when to expect their admissions decision.


Yup, I keep refreshing my email to see if there’s an email.

Anyone applying Upenn SEAS ED here? If so, could someone expand on it’s competitiveness in comparison to for example, Wharton?

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I applied ED for SEAS! I’m not sure about competitiveness compared to Wharton, but I’m assuming Wharton is more competitive considering that they’re ranked #1 in undergrad business programs.

@jordynnahum @Darrentang200 What majors?