UPenn ED 2025 Deferral

Hey guys! I made this topic for ED students who also got deferred to Upenn. Do you guys know how many students got deffered?


im not sure but this year they got tons of applicants, accepted fewer than last year, and rejected a lot of people so I’m hoping not a lot were deferred…? fingers crossed haha

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BUT typically penn defers like 20% of applicants so-

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okok so they didn’t pull a Harvard and defer everyone ahaha
good luck with your deferral!

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deferall gang hahah

I was the only one deferred from my school hoping the rates werent that high

Question for deferred people: where should you send in the continued interest letter? Online consensus seems to be that you should send the letter to the regional admissions officer. But that is non school specific advice. It seems Penn asks for one and only one update in the portal and before the end of January. Is this the correct understanding? Did anyone email the letter to the admissions?

Yeah, on the home page of your applicant portal there should be a new form that says “optional: early decision deferred applicant update” where you add any updates. I guess what you could do is write your updates in letter format and address it to the director of the specific school you’re applying to, but I also reached out to my admissions director separately to speak with her and mentioned my continued interest!

did she respond because I tried to reach out to my regional admissions officer and received somewhat of an automated response from penn’s international admissions email

Initially I got an automated response but later she followed up and we did a one-on-one interview

oh thats good r u applying international or not

Got deferred also from ED. Hoping the rate for deferral was low this year and there is still a chance, but glad to know they didn’t defer as many as Harvard.


Also the director said there were a record number of ED applications, so sometimes they defer a bunch of people simply because they didn’t have enough time to make a thorough, final decision. They also said that being deferred is a good sign because the majority of applicants are straight out rejected! They see some sort of potential in you (pity deferral is NOT a thing, they don’t have time for that…)

However, this is not to say that you have a high chance of getting in- if your stats exceed or fit in with the regular decision class, you maintain impressive grades, and provide significant updates, you will have an even greater chance. But then again, Penn is a top school so there is always a big chance factor and there is nothing to do about it but to stay sane during the wait for RD results. good luck everyone!

On the portal it says that the update letter should be sent in January, but I have an award coming out in early Feb. Should I send another quick update in Feb?

yes i sent one but im sending another one in feb

To where? The portal said you can only update once.

through an email

did she personally talk to you ?