Upenn ED 2025 - senior schedule request

Yesterday my counselor got an email from a penn AO asking for context of my senior year schedule. My counselor said that’s a good sign for admissions. What do you think? My counselor explained the classes I was taking and attached my senior schedule with grades for the first quarter. Did anybody else get this request from penn admissions and what does this mean? I saw on a different forum that some other students got contacted the same day my counselor got contacted, but they got contacted for senior 1st quarter grade, while I got contacted for context of senior year schedule. PLEASE HELP!!

OMG that makes me nervous

did you apply with test scores?

My guess is that they requested this because they’re unfamiliar with your school and want to know a bit more about your courses and how difficult they are. I would say that this is a good sign for admission but definitely not anything certain and not a major indicator either.

A second look is better than no look…