Upenn Ed class of 2025 applicant's

I created this so we could discuss and help each other through out the process.

@Melanshifa Hi! I have a child applying RD to Penn. We live in the Philly area and my child has been taking undergrad classes at Penn for the last year through its Young Scholars Program. They’ve had a great experience so far and Penn is very high on their list of schools, but because attendance will depend on financial aid, they’re applying to another school SCEA.

My D21 is a legacy: both parents, 1 grandparent, 2 uncles and an aunt. And she is not applying ED or RD.

Sometimes I think I should start a legacy trader website so we can swap legacies to benefit our kids. ?

@pubschoolparent, Best of luck to your child!

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Thanks so much, @GoldPenn ! Best wishes to your child as well.