UPenn ED Wharton

<p>So I'm freaking out. I honestly don't think I'll get into Wharton, but the more I think about it, the more I want to get in. It's rough. When it comes down to it, I could probably be happy anywhere, as after all it is college, but still...I love Penn...So chance me!</p>

<p>Race: White (eh)
Gender: Male (even more eh)</p>

<p>GPA: 4.48 (Upward trend, I have gotten 2 Bs, 1 freshman year another sophomore year, and took 1 non-honors class freshman year)
Rank: 45 out of 764 (rooough)
Class Rigor: 1 AP 10th grade, 3 APs 11th, 5 APs 12th, All honors except for 1 non-honors Algebra 2 freshie year</p>

<p>Scores: Micro 5, Chem 5, Euro 5, Lang 5
SAT: 2290 (790M, 760CR, 740WR; 1550/1600)
SAT 2: Chem 800, Math II 720 (ehh)</p>

<p>Main EC- Theatre and Choir! Participated since 4th grade, leads in most musicals and plays, have done charity theater outside of school, in top choirs in and out of school, recognized county singer, blah, blah, I wrote my 1000 characters and under on how theater saved me from social exclusion</p>

<p>Other ECs- Volunteer Firefighter, Local Newspaper Columnist, Investment Club (1st place every year), Life Scout, Causal Investor since 9th grade</p>

<p>Essays: I think probs a 6 or 7/10</p>

<p>Recommendations: Obviously I think they're probably good...but really? do any of us actually know?</p>

<p>Last Summer I took courses for credit at Penn. I was an enrolled Penn student and did quite well (Intro to International Relations A, Critical Analysis of Pop Culture A-, GPA 3.85) I think I was ranked somewhere in the top 3 of my IR class with other actual undergrads from Penn and I think I left an impression on my professor. Luckily enough she was the Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies and I got her to write me a req which my guidance counselor (who saw it) said was amazing.</p>

<p>Artistic Supplement: Ryan</a> McCloskey Monologues - YouTube</p>

<p>...kinda a long shot but if it all pulls together it'd be all worth it</p>

<p>Really..And your worried about getting in..<em>sigh</em>
They would be crazy not to have you.</p>

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<p>Your application is a very strong one, but what I don't see is the deep interest in business (this may have come up in your essays, but I would post that in the thread) and even more importantly, the leadership experience.</p>

<p>Other than that, SAT, GPA, and Subject tests are all in order; the Penn Prof rec is SICK imo! Especially given that it has basis (acing her college class in high school).</p>

<p>I would say very solid chances, but Wharton is extremely competitive as you know.</p>

<p>Chance me back?
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<p>I'd say you have a very, very strong shot--no need to worry at all. Good stats, scores, and I think that rec pulls it all together. If I may ask, how did you go about asking for that recommendation? I have a similar-ish situation</p>

<p>Wait what?? Good chance? I dont say its bad, but what about ECA's??</p>

<p>Choir?? Not much to do with business.</p>

<p>I guess that kind of summer course was a paid one, am I right?</p>

<p>Then there is no benefit from it whatsoever..</p>

<p>solid chance</p>

<p>Choir, you're right, doesn't have much to do with business but I tried to show that maybe theater could be a nice transition. I kind of showed that I have always loved speaking in front of people and of taking control of a room as I have done so through theater. As although the summer courses were paid, I paid for them all myself and worked the two prior summers to earn enough money to do so. I then commuted into the city every day and took classes along side regular Penn students during the summer off. I should hope their might be some modicum of a benefit from those courses. Not trying to argue, just trying to explain, like I previously stated, I'm still pretty sure I will not get into the university.</p>


<p>I think Wharton is a stretch since they really do emphasize the business background. But what about the college? It looks like you have a fantastic shot there?</p>

<p>bumpin'....last time I swear</p>

<p>Only 2 B's and your ranked 45??!!! That seems really insane... I just don't see anything that shows business so I would say doesn't look like its gonna happen but who am I to speak, I got rejected haha.</p>

<p>Real quick, the undergraduate business program's website doesn't seem to show any affinity towards those applicants who already hold business experience going into college:</p>

<p>"We seek students who will avail themselves of the rich academic, cultural, and social opportunities of the Penn community. Students that flourish at Wharton and Penn possess a history of academic excellence, a healthy degree of motivation, and a well-development interest and involvement in their environment."</p>

<p>But regardless I have taken AP Micro (5), am independent studying AP Macro next semester, have been a part of my schools Investment Club, and have invested my own money and managed it since 9th grade</p>

<p>wow you did investments? that's major cool</p>

<p>um I don't think you would have any problems with penn - although i would think your essays could be the one factor that can bring you home gold! :D</p>