UPenn ESAP 2022

Hi everyone. Just wanted to open up a conversation about UPenn ESAP decisions. I applied by the priority and I know decisions are supposed to come out soon. Can anyone respond if they get a decision back?

i haven’t gotten anything back as well… i think we’ll find out later this week.

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Hey! Just got an email saying my decision came back so wanted to let y’all know.

interesting. i haven’t gotten an email yet.

that is interesting. i applied for the computer science course and was accepted so maybe if you applied to a different program you’ll hear back soon? either way best of luck to you!

thank you!

My son got accepted into Computer Graphics. Email was received yesterday.


Just got into Computer Science applying RD! (submitted 3/9)

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My son got into the Biotech program today, regular decision. Anyone else here with BioTech any one from CA ?

Is this a selective/prestigious program? My son also got admitted, but we are not sure if it is worth the time and money. Thanks in advance.

In 2019, they accepted 230 students out of 650 applicants. So, it’s about ~30% acceptance rate at that time. But I think it’s pretty costly, $7k+ for just 3 weeks?

I definitely think it’s pretty costly, especially for the short amount of time, but I decided to go anyways because I think it’ll be a fun experience for me, I’ll learn a lot, and this is only my summer after freshman year so I can use this experience to attend other programs or do more prestigious things in my summers to come. If your son was admitted to other programs that are less costly, then I’d probably recommend doing those as I don’t think ESAP holds the same weight as a program like RSI or MITES/MOSTEC.

My daughter hasn’t heard back yet but she sent in her application during the regular process. What’s the deadline for people that have acceptances?

the deadline for regular decision was 3 weeks after March 4 (longer if submitted right after May 4). this is what it says on the website: " For applications received after the priority deadline, please allow AT LEAST 3 weeks for processing and review (wait times may be prolonged if your application is completed immediately after the priority deadline, as this is an extremely high volume time)."
If you haven’t heard back yet I’d definitely email them (esap@seas.upenn.edu)

Thanks. I will. I was just wondering for those that received acceptances, when do you have to commit by because I’m assuming they are waiting for people to decline before offering more acceptances. Thx

Thanks! Where can you find more detailed breakdown numbers of those who were accepted (e.g., international v. domestic, rising senior v. rising junior, etc.)? More recent years (such as 2020 and 2021) would be more relevant, although those may have been online due to Covid?

I would also appreciate hearing from folks who had attended the program before. What are the valuable things one can expect to get out from it? If it is just a money making machine for the University that teaches college courses to high schoolers, then it may not be worth the time (even if money is not a concern). Thanks.

Does anyone know if the weekends and evening times are scheduled with activities, or is it pretty much study time for the students to allocate on their own? My son decided to go but he also wants to do another online program which has a flexible schedule. Thanks.

im sure there’s some kind of free time, but I remember on the website it saying that they recommend students don’t leave campus because otherwise they’ll get behind on work, so I’m sure the workload for esap is pretty heavy