UPenn Fall 2020 Transfer Thread

I know it is early but would love to get this thread going for those who are thinking of transferring to Penn for the Fall of 2020.

Hi there!I am currently a freshman at one of the UC schools. I am planning to apply to Penn for the Fall of 2020 as a sophomore. Have you started your application process yet?

Hey! Haven’t started yet but am getting ready to soon

Hey guys! I’m a freshman and currently going to UNC-Wilmington in North Carolina! I know it’s months away but I’m already nervous. Is anyone applying to UPenn’s Engineering school?

SAT subject tests are not listed under standardized testing for transfer students but are they recommended? The last test I can take is December of this year before they take a break in testing until May and that is too late for the application.

Do they have a test day in March as well? I think on penn’s website, they said that they are gonna accept the March test, right?

Glad to meet you! Also preparing for UPENN transfer for fall 2020!

Hey y’all. Just wanted to double-check, we have to retake ACT/SAT right? I remember reading somewhere that scores after February 2019 expired but now I can’t find it anywhere.

No need to retake exams! If you’re happy with your score from high school you can send those. If not, it might be prudent to retake

@Adriansh do you know whether scores from the old version of the SAT (out of 2400) are still accepted? I took mine in fall 2015.

Hello everyone! Glad to see this thread has started. I am also applying as a transfer student to Penn for Fall 2020. @4leaguer they seem to be more concerned with your performance in college (based on the info at the transfer drop in I went to last week). The SAT subject tests are indicative of how you might handle a college course load in those particular subjects. Since you can now actually prove how you’re doing in such subjects with your classes, there is no need to retake them. If you feel you did poorly on them in high school, I wouldn’t even bother submitting them. They would only hurt you, rather than help you. Best of luck.

@brownbear87 Sorry, I’m not sure about specifics like that… Definitely worthwhile to email the admissions office!

@northjersey2019 Good points raised, but I still have the impression that high school stats/scores matter quite a bit. I know of a few people in my transfer class who retook standardized tests after not getting in first time around. While they do heavily weight college experience, by the time sophomores apply, they only have one semester (and midterm grades) under their belt. Since there is such little college data to go off of, admissions has to look at high school stats/test scores to differentiate candidates. My understanding is that high school stats/test scores matter less for junior transfers, but that’s just anecdotal from what I’ve seen. If you feel you can improve your scores without too much inconvenience, it may well be worth it. For some people it makes sense and not for others.

Anyone applying to Wharton? I’m a freshman at a large state school

Hey, hoping to transfer in as a PPE major as a sophomore. I got a 4.0 in college, but mediocre stats in HS. Kinda wish I retook the SAT.

in 4 years :lol:

Hi all, I applied for transfer admission for Penn last year and was accepted! I am currently attending the university so if you have any questions regarding the process, my experience at Penn, etc. feel free to let me know!

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Hi @alexandriaOG ! I’m a new CC user so I can’t PM you, but could you message me? I’d love to chat about the transfer process

@alexandriaOG Hiii!!! It seems like I can’t DM you… Could you message me as well? I’m so excited to talk with you about the transfer process. Thank you : )

Hi @alexandriaOG could you PM me as well, I’d love to talk to you a little about the process!!! Thanks for offering your wisdom ahead of time haha