UPenn Online App

<p>For the list of extra curricular activities on the online app, if it exeeds its number, what do we do? is there a way to send a resume to them in the mail, would they even look at it if i did send it in the mail?</p>

<p>just list the most important ones where you've done something meaningful. they're not really impressed with a laundry list. if you jsut went to club meetings once a week, trash it.</p>

<p>jeez transient, posting all early haha...thanks for the clarification.</p>

<p>What are you doing about the lack of a "weeks per year" section? I called the office twice to ask, one person said to average it out and the other said to just put how many hours you spend when you're working.</p>

<p>For example, I play lacrosse which is only a spring sport. When I'm playing it's about 15-20 hours per week, so one person said put 15-20 and the other said average that out to the entire year.</p>

<p>What'd you guys do?</p>

<p>I just averaged it.</p>

<p>btw are you guys applying ED? don't limit my chances >.<</p>

<p>Yeah I'm ed. Did you just guess that you should average it or did u call?</p>

<p>I for the most part figured it was just averaged, all of my stuf is for the most part year-round in any case, so it wasn't really a problem. I asked my friend (the school valedictorian) and she said she just averaged for all her apps too. I think a lot of kids just randomly inflate their hours so I'm going to try to keep mine realistic. Even a few hours every week..if you really did it every week, is quite a lot more than it seems.</p>

<p>Also, question for you: You know where it says on the teacher recs "last two years" does that include 10th grade? Cuz if you think about it literally, it does..but I know other schools only want 11th/12th. I'm really scared cuz our school had massive cuts and a lot of my junior teachers "retired." My best teachers, and the ones ive known the longest are by far two of my 10th grade teachers--talk to them every day, and already have them filling out the apps online...it would totally suck to have to tell them, SO CLOSE to deadline, that they can't do it..and then finding new random teachers, that'd just SUCK. I e-mailed penn but haven't gotten a response yet.</p>

<p>Not sure, good question. Give htem a call</p>

<p>where does it say last 2 years, it doesnt say that anywhere on the online app</p>

<p>the online app leaves lots of stuf off from the real apps..like little things they prefer, and what not. i asked them to send me the apps so i could have something to use as a rough and also for the teacher recs/secondary school report kinda stuff..but it took over a month (dont know why), so it's probably too late to get one now.</p>

<p>on the hardcopy apps if u read the paragraph or two about teacher recs it says it in there...</p>

<p>oh well, then its their fault for not telling me on online app, and im not accountable for it. nothing really i can do now cause i got 10th grade teachers to do it, so whatever...i dont think they wont read a rec if it happens to be from a lower grade, because it should still have some relevance</p>

<p>Regarding the question about hours/week and weeks/year...if you average it out for the entire year, then it doesn't really make any sense. After all, participating in an activity for 1 hour a week year round vs. participating in it for 20 hours a week for a few months...they're really not the same thing. Averaging for the year gives no concept of how involved you actually are in the activity. It doesn't give an admissions officer an idea of what a 'typical' week for you would be...but I don't know, is this what they want us to do anyway? For my activities that last for only part of the year, I put in parentheses next to the activity name during which months I participate, although I haven't submitted it or viewed it yet in pdf so I am not sure if any of it will be cut off on the application...also, if you were to average it out for the year, with a school-related activity, would you count the summer months?</p>

<p>I don't think I'll average. I did a summer program at Cornell which was 3 weeks, it wouldn't make sense to multiply 24hr x 21days and average that out into the yera. I think i'll just put how many hours it was when I was involved</p>

<p>hey anon, i was at cornell for the six week. Did you request their transcript? I have to do that. I am not averaging the hours either, it doen't make sense.</p>

<p>inf- what'd you think of the program? I went to a bunch of SAE parties while I was there and it made me realize that I need a little more urban atmosphere</p>

<p>yeah, i requested the transcript a week or so ago</p>

<p>did u call them? I liked the campus, not much to do, but we were under stricter rules.</p>

<p>no.. <a href="http://transcript.cornell.edu%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://transcript.cornell.edu&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>