UPenn or Case Western [nursing major bsn]?

Hi Everyone!
I am considering two schools for Early Applications including CWRU and UPenn. Because UPenn has ED and RD, whilst CWRU has EA, ED1&2, and RD, I am having a tough time choosing because CWRU and UPenn are my top choice schools for the Nursing Major!! (they are both direct admit)

My stats match CWRU and for UPenn, it is just in the average zone, nothing much special. I haven’t visited the schools because I am currently out of the country for family business my dear grandpa is ill :(, but I did attend both information sessions. I am leaning a little more towards CWRU for fit and tuition and the proximity of the clinics and hospitals.

However, I also really enjoy UPenn since the atmosphere and nursing school is elite and my friend said it’s amazing there as a nursing major.

So sorry if I come out confusing, I just need some advice or tips from anyone who might have different perspectives in approaching this lil dilemma. Thank you all!

What are your stats? You can apply to any school EA but one ED - so choose the ED wisely.

If you are average for both, what are your targets and safeties?

Both are urban. Both are fantastic. Obviously Penn has more pedigree and will be harder to get into.

What is your cost situation. CWRU has merit. Penn just need aid.

Do you qualify for need based aid? If not, are your parents willing to spend $80K a year. If not, no point in even applying.

Hi! My stats are average for CWRU, slightly higher than the median. For UPenn, it’s lower.
My targets are the University of San Francisco, Purdue, Boston College, USC (no nursing, I am a Cali resident), U of Pitt.

My safeties are U of Portland, U of Seattle, and U of Hawaii @ Manoa

And I am applying to all UC and CSU schools as well because I am a resident of Cali.

I qualify for need-based aid, and my parents just tell me to apply and they will deal with the money, since we have been saving up for years now.

On a forum here people talked about CSUF. Again, you don’t give stats - but most schools will offer need based aid but not meet full need. Of course Penn will. If you are under average for Penn, I’d probably apply ED to CWRU. Are you 100% sure you want to go tho - you know what ED means.

Penn will meet full need. Case says they do but are need aware - meaning if you need too much, they can reject you for that (vs. need blind). The publics - so Pitt, etc. will not meet need nor will Purdue.

Why apply to USC if they don’t have nursing.

Hi, I just dont wan’t to disclose my stats, I don’t feel comfortable. All I can disclose is that my UW W GPA is 4.1 with SAT score of 1430. (I am retaking this August)

I know what ED means, that’s why I am still a little bit apprehensive in choosing an ED school if I get in.

Yeah, the financial factor my parents did take into consideration and they said they are aware that CWRU is need aware. But they also wanted me to shoot a shot at Purdue and Pitt as well.

I’m applying to USC because I am a Cali resident and I wanted options in case I do not get into direct nursing schools.

You are unlikely to get into USC. Only 11% do and they are the cream of the crop. You are very likely to get into nursing school. Why you would go to a school that’s not for nursing of you want to be a nurse makes no sense to me. Add U of Arizona to your list. Also Arizona State and Alabama. You’ll get great merit.

If you want to go direct admit here is a list. Find a safety. You’ve yet to provide one. All will make you successful. Pitt, in health sciences, is tough.

Others on the board have mentioned that you should find one that has a hospital nearby.

Not saying you won’t get into CWRU. But you need a UAB or somewhere you’ll know you’ll get in. UAB is direct admit. So is ASU. Not as good merit as Arizona but arguably the top Honors College in the country. Those are great fallbacks.

USC is private. If anything being from California is a hindrance to geographic diversity. You should not apply there. Go be a nurse !!!

Ps you are not sold on CWRU so don’t apply ED

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It’s a good thread from last year. There are others on the cc as well.

hi! i am planning on applying to CWRU, I don’t think I was getting my words across really clear, but CWRU was the first college I researched and enjoyed the most so far. I am still applying to USC, there are personal reasons that I am not comfortable sharing.

I did not plan to apply to UAB or any schools in Alabama, since there is not much diversity, and I am a girl of color, Asian specifically.

But, thank you for your help though, I will definitely check these websites out.

UAB is diverse. My point was less to push you to a specific school but more to make sure you apply to a safety. CWRU is not a safety.

I did not say not to apply there. I said not to apply ED because you are not 100% sold on it.

No clue why you would apply to a school that doesn’t offer nursing. As you said personal reasons. Anyway the reality of you getting into Penn, Case Western or USC are slim although I imagine it’s best at CWRU.

So my only message is ensure your have a safety and some match.

Ps research diversity…don’t make assumptions as you just did because it is not correct.

Good luck


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Oh so sorry, I meant the University of Alabama, since it’s only 1.7% Asian. :frowning:

I understand CWRU, CWRU, or USC are not safetries at all, and no one trying to say that. The whole point I posted in this thread was to get insight of UPenn and CWRU, since they are both top amazing schools that are on my reach list. I have much more safeties and targets. I am just stuck between which schools to early decision.

thanks anyways

Yes. You should apply to the one you’d 100% go to if you got in…and that includes being able to pay. If you are not 100% you should apply to either.

If it was me I’d apply CWRU. Both a stretch. But you have a possibility there. I don’t see a chance at Penn at all. Just my opinion. CWRU is excellent and while a stretch it’s more obtainable so to me your ED would be better used there. Or apply ED to Penn and if rejected ED 2 at Case so you can do both.

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I wouldn’t apply ED at all unless you were absolutely certain that its the school for you. With your SAT and grades, if you have a good activities list and essay, you likely will get in. and with Merit at CRWU.

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